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Cliff Keller lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife, Marcia after making Aliyah in the spring of 2011 from the United States. His most recent novel is a work of historical biblical fiction entitled The Lion or The Lamb: Samson Ruth and Salvation. Cliff also blogs at Standing by the Gate and has a writing website, goodStories.

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Dec 30, 2018

Lifted up, Eddie and Jackie Santoro press on

After years of supernatural victory over cancer and the powers of darkness, Eddie and Jackie Santoro, longtime pastors and senior leaders at Jerusalem’s Kehilat Ahavat Yeshua, find themselves in need ...

Dec 18, 2018

Israeli artists explore hope, light, transition in upcoming Jerusalem exhibit

The Jerusalem House of Quality will host an art exhibition featuring the work of 10 artists, nine of whom are Messianic believers, and are all immigrants who – after transitioning ...

Nov 4, 2018

Rose of the Galilee

Cliff writes, "Marcia discovered Yehuda’s life’s work in routine fashion while browsing, attracted by its enticing photos and numerous plus reviews."

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