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Estera Wieja, born and raised in Poland, moved to Israel in 2010. She is a journalist and in 2018 joined the staff of Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM) in Jerusalem.

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Community News Nov 8, 2019

With arms stretched over Jerusalem – Jerusalem Prayer Tower

The Jerusalem Prayer Tower is a sanctuary for every worshiper and intercessor in the heart of the Holy City.

The Arab Christian Community Oct 21, 2019

Women of Israel rise like Deborah – House of Prayer in Nazareth

Right next to these symbols of Nazareth’s noble past stands a people who look to the city’s future. The House of Prayer and Exploits (HOPE) in Nazareth is as unique ...

Community News Sep 30, 2019

Equipping the minority for influence

The Israel Academy of Ministry invests in local leaders for greater impact.

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