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Israel & the Middle East May 2, 2019

A biblical explanation of Israel’s days of remembrance

Joseph writes, "The most important reasons why we must remember are that we don’t want to forget, nor do we want the next generations of Jewish people and the people ...

Aug 31, 2017

Commentary on Parashat Ki Teze

Joseph writes, "The Torah comes to instruct us that we must not treat our children by our own measure of judgement of like and dislike, but according to the law ...

Aug 11, 2017

Commentary on Parashat Ekev

Joseph writes, "The Hebrews have concentrated on the WORDS, on the audio much more than on the video. Hearing is the center paradigm of the Hebrew culture. Hearing is a ...

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Videos Sep 25, 2018

VIDEO: The unique history and symbolic nature of the Feast of Sukkoth

Why are we commanded to build a temporary dwelling?  What exactly is a sukkah? The Sukkah The sukkah is a temporary structure made from anything that is not permanent. The roof ...

Videos Mar 27, 2018

VIDEO: Three-part teaching series on Passover

In this three-part series Joseph gives an introduction to Passover, talks about the Passover Seder and then Passover in the New Testament.

Videos Apr 10, 2017

VIDEO: Dinner party parables

Joseph continues his teachings on the parables of Jesus from a Jewish first century perspective. This is part 15, dinner party parables.

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