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ONE FOR ISRAEL strives to be the leading organization in sharing the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah with Israeli Jews and Arabs in the Hebrew language. Our staff is comprised of both Jewish and Arab Israelis, with the shared belief that true peace in the Middle East can only come into existence under Yeshua.

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Community News Nov 10, 2019

Facebook being sued over ONE FOR ISRAEL’s evangelistic videos

An outraged Jewish Orthodox Jewish family have filed a lawsuit against Facebook over our videos! It is not the first time that Orthodox Jewish pressure has tried to silence our ...

Biblical Teachings Oct 15, 2019

Take off your shoes

"And when you put your shoes on, consider Peter, dazed and confused, getting ready to take his next steps into freedom and the adventures God had for him."

Biblical Teachings Sep 29, 2019

2 lessons from Gideon and his army

"We all experience fear, but it’s how we respond to it that counts. Courage looks fear in the eye and refuses to obey its demands."

Videos by One For Israel Staff

Videos Aug 5, 2019

VIDEO: Jewish Kirt Schneider was locked up by his own family, only because he said I believe in Jesus

Growing up in a strong Jewish environment Kirt felt his Jewish life was mostly going through the motions, devoid of a personal connection with God.

Videos May 24, 2019

VIDEO: I studied the art of the ninja, only to find emptiness

Noam’s dream was to become a Ninja, but once he achieved it, he saw that it still left him empty. Broken and left with nothing, he returned home to find ...

Videos Apr 23, 2019

VIDEO: I was the president of the synagogue! How could I believe in Jesus?

Steven grew up in a Jewish family, and was even president of his synagogue, but the night God saved him from suicide changed everything!

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