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RIchard has served the Lord full-time from Jerusalem since 1998, having made Aliyah to Israel in 1995. He been a writer for the Lord Yeshua since 1982. All of his books, including the newest one, ‘King Priest Yeshua from the Seed of David and Aaron’, along with other writings are free to read and download from his website.

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Biblical Teachings Aug 2, 2019

The path of maturity in Yeshua – God will give each believer different rewards

Richard writes, "Recently the daughter of our close friends, Esther, had died of cancer as a young adult. Before she died she had been sent by Jesus to tell her ...

Biblical Teachings Jul 17, 2019

Why pre trib rapture of Yeshua’s bride is not possible

Richard writes, "In Yeshua’s Body, His Bride are His best soldiers on the planet. They are the ones whom He can trust to carry out His most difficult assignments."

Biblical Teachings Jul 1, 2019

King Priest Yeshua came from the family of high priest Zadok of Aaron, a simple explanation

Richard writes, "God verified this Truth in His Word in four totally separate places!"

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