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Simcha emigrated to Israel from the UK, with her husband and three children. Having studied theology and music and worship in London, and trained as a worship leader and song writer, she went on to teach music and be involved in worship teams in several congregations in the UK, and now in Israel as part of Sarah Liberman's team. Simcha is the author of the “Dare to Ask” project, comprising of the book 'Dare to Ask', and 3 CD's, Dreaming', 'Awakened' and 'Soar (To come) which each have a counterpart 30 day devotional study guide to accompany them. She is passionate about enabling people to engage with God in the way which they were made to, and is committed to multi sensory expressions. Simcha is also an artist, and paints her songs and messages to accompany the music and books. She is also the coordinator Ascend Carmel Programs.

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Community Announcements Oct 26, 2019

It’s finally here! The full ‘Dare to Ask’ adventure is OUT!

After a 15 year season of being hidden and passed over, the songs written and stories of the lessons learned during this season are finally ALL available!

Life & Society May 17, 2019

The secret prayer of breakthrough in your life

Simcha writes, "A sentence that I find myself saying over and over is ‘the principles of the Kingdom are always the opposite fo the world’. I think this is as ...

Apr 12, 2019

The introverted people person

Simcha writes, "Sometimes introverts can assume that they mustn’t be people people. I think the ‘introverted people person’ is a special and deliberate breed, because God has made us with ...

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Videos Oct 11, 2019

[Lyric Video] Thermals

Thermals represents much of the message of 'Soar' - rising above, finding new perspectives and consistency on his currents.

Videos Jun 5, 2019

VIDEO: Behind the music of ‘Your Great Rescue’

Simcha shares the devotional message behind the single 'Your Great Rescue'' from her second of three EPs -- 'Awakened'.

Videos Mar 23, 2019

VIDEO: Behind the music of ‘Illuminate’

In this video Simcha shares the story of the season and lessons learned that resulted in the song being written.

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