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Wayne is Co-Founder and President of King of Kings Community Jerusalem. A resident of Jerusalem since 1983, he gives leadership and oversight to the King of Kings Ministry team. In addition to preaching regularly in Jerusalem, he travels the world sharing with the nations about the restoration of Israel, as a part of his new role as President of Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries (FIRM).

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Sep 4, 2016

Who Really Holds the Balance of Power in the World?

Wayne writes, "True followers of the Messiah are a minority of the world’s population today. Yet, concerning spiritual authority, we hold the balance of power in the world’s affairs. Do ...

Oct 11, 2015

What’s the Big Deal about the LAND of Israel?

God’s plan was not only to get the children of Israel OUT of Egypt, but PLANT them in their Promised Land . . .

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Videos Feb 20, 2019

VIDEO: Camping in God’s presence (Part 2)

Pastor Wayne continues with part 2 of this intriguing series by taking us on a tour of the Tabernacle and how God designed it teach us of His presence!

Videos Jan 31, 2019

VIDEO: Camping in God’s presence (Part 1)

God wants to meet and fellowship with you! In this new series Pastor Wayne teaches us what it means to be close to God and the joy of being in ...

Videos Dec 14, 2018

VIDEO: The servant light

Join Pastor Wayne for the last sermon in our Hanukkah series and discover the connection between Yeshua, being the servant of all & the Holiday of Hanukkah!

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