Personal Empowerment is a Key for Israel’s Revival

According to my observation of the Messianic Body in Israel, I think that the next move of God in our generation would be related to the personal empowerment of the congregants. Most of the people who attend the Messianic fellowships in Israel are needy and poor, both financially and spiritually. Israel is a country continuously receiving new immigrants, and those who are believers are facing a daily battle of how to adjust into society and survive in their new homeland.

In the Kingdom of God the strategy has always been to empower the needy and poor. God wants to meet our needs; spiritual and practical as well. Once the needy and poor are empowered, they become vessels of God that can transform their society.

The number one need in the Body of believers today is effective and strategic thinking. We have to be trained in Kingdom thinking, meaning to have the mind of Messiah, and to pass it onto others. Kingdom thinking is a key for End-time revival.

This Kingdom perspective relates to God’s intentions to impact our world with His goodness and mercy. The Gospel message is only a key to unlock a door for the person to enter into the Kingdom of God. Afterwards, it’s our responsibility to discover what God thinks about individuals, societies, cities, countries and our world. The next step is to know and practice the ways God chooses to influence our world. These two things: God’s thoughts and actions are the keys in our generation to unlock revival; we can find them in the Word of God.

True revival should be characterized by the quality of changes that take place in a person’s life over time and not by their first individual response of the Gospel message. Then, a transformed individual should become an instrument of influence in God’s plan, a vessel through which the Lord will transform our society.

Like a healthy woman’s body should give birth to a healthy child, the healthy Body of Messiah should birth spiritually healthy individuals that make a difference in our society.

Let me ask you a question: what is our vision for the future? Do you look for changes in your city or do you think it’s up to unbelievers to make decisions that will shape the course of life in our society? Do we encourage believers to get a good education? Do we support person’s desire to be a journalist, politician, businessman, Hi-Tech engineer, banker and etc? Do we want to see believers becoming members of city halls, as key people in our societies? Do the young people, who attend our meetings, find answers about God’s call on their life? What is our strategy after an evangelical event?

I believe that if we want to see changes in our society, we need to do at least two things. First, we should have a strategic vision for the next generation. It’s up to us to understand their vital role in God’s plan and the future influence they are supposed to bring at every level in our society. Second, I recommend that you invest into somebody’s life, empower this person and you will have your part in God’s End-Time move in Israel. This generation is looking for people who have an effective way of thinking and doing things.

Do you have a person in your congregation that you are investing in? Do you see the hand of God on him or her? Do you want to see how “all Israel will be saved?” Are we providing effective thinking of the Kingdom for solutions? The Lord Yeshua wants to reveal to us the secrets of His Kingdom.