Personal stories of babies saved by Pro-life Be’ad Chaim

The Bible tells of numerous women and men experiencing unusual and unexpected “crisis” pregnancies. Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was 90 years old when she became pregnant. Elizabeth and Zachariah, the parents of John, were ‘very old’. The most extraordinary pregnancy was that of a young virgin, beyond the imagination of those around her.  Even her fiancé, Joseph, wanted to hide her out of concern and shame. It must have been quite a situation when Miriam had to explain to her parents that she’d met an angel!  Emotions were certainly charged. Yet, the Child that Miriam carried was the Messiah, the King.

Many years ago, two poor, single mothers sat in my office. One had brought her pregnant neighbor to me for help. I asked, “Why do you care about her baby?” She simply replied,

“Her baby could be a king.”
“For you formed my inward parts;

you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

(Psalm 139:13-14)

Every child has been wonderfully made with a destiny, a future and a hope.


Messianic Soldiers’ Conference

It was a joy for me to hear our newest volunteer, Anaelle, share about the work of Be’ad Chaim and challenge Messianic soldiers to stand for life in the army. Many of the soldiers were deeply touched by her words. Some of them took fliers and magnets that we hope will help soldiers in crisis pregnancies on their army bases. Ten percent of Israeli women have their first abortion while in the army. We need to let them know that HELP is available.

Kati’s Story

I recently had a lovely surprise when we received a note on our Facebook page from 25 year old Batel. She wrote,

“I deeply appreciate your work as I, myself, was saved with the help of Be’ad Chaim.”

Her mother Kati had been pregnant, single and pressured by friends and boyfriend to abort. Yet with the help of Be’ad Chaim, she chose LIFE FOR BATEL.

For several years, Kati worked as a Be’ad Chaim counselor. Batel commented “The Lord has really blessed my mother!” Kati now has eight children. Batel is the oldest and her youngest sister is nine years old.  Kati is also the grandmother of Batel’s two young children. Hearing Kati and Batel’s story gives us deep joy as we remember that it is not only the one mother and child whose lives we save, but also the generations that will follow.

“Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to His voice, and hold fast to Him. For the Lord is your life, and He will give you many years in the land He swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

(Deuteronomy 30:19b-20)

Fida, a Very Young Mother

Fida is a beautiful Moslem woman from a Bedouin tribe. She is a very young mother (only 16 years old) to two precious little girls: Nur, who is just one, and now her sweet newborn, who is three months old. Fida comes from a large family of seven girls and three boys. She had only finished sixth grade at school and was 14 when she became pregnant with her first daughter Nur. Her boyfriend, who is 20, is from her neighborhood.

Fida heard about Be’ad Chaim in a very unique way. She shared that one day someone just showed up at her house and offered help. We were very surprised to hear this because we don’t have anyone in Be’ad Chaim who does that. But praise God, He led her to us! When Fida discovered that she was pregnant again, she knew she would need a lot of support. We had helped with her first daughter and so she decided to turn to her counselor once again, who was very glad to help young Fida and support her as much as she could. In September, she gave birth to a second gorgeous girl whom she named Lora.

Although Fida is such a young mother, she is doing really well and is full of hope and excitement for her little family.  She continues her relationship with the father of her little girls but lives with her caring parents. Fida is deeply grateful to Be’ad Chaim for all the love and support she and her family have received and for being able to be part of the Operation Moses project for the second time. It really is making a huge difference in her life.

Nina & Baby Galit

Precious Galit is growing and developing very well. She celebrated her first birthday this month. She is a sweet, adorable girl and is deeply loved by her whole family. Galit is healthy, eating well, and mother Nina is still nursing her.  She can already say “mommy” and “daddy”, stand on her own and has started taking her first steps. Nina is a stay-at-home mom and is hoping to be home with Galit until she is three years old.   She is struggling even with the thought of putting little Galit in daycare because it is so expensive.

Nina’s ten year old daughter is disabled. Until now, Nina has been the only one taking care of her, but she recently was able to enroll her in a special boarding school for disabled children. Let us pray that this will be a very good place for her. Nina’s other daughter, who is seven, loves little Galit and is very helpful.

Galit’s father had been against the pregnancy and put a lot of pressure on Nina to abort, but after the birth, he came back and accepted his precious daughter. He now loves and cares for her, but that is not the end of this story. Recently he asked Nina to marry him!  Praise God who has brought so much restoration to this family! He is currently working in a supermarket and is earning a minimum wage. Because weddings are so expensive (Israelis feel that they must marry in a large wedding hall), they are not sure when they will actually be able to have the ceremony, but hopefully it will be possible very soon.

Nina is rejoicing and is so grateful to Bead Chaim and our generous partners for all of the love, support and encouragement she has received during a very challenging time.  She is grateful to God too, for the beautiful way her story has turned out. She said it was a true miracle of God because her partner was so set against the pregnancy. Seeing how he has changed is indeed miraculous!

Alla & Baby Tirza

Alla was already in her third month when she discovered that she was pregnant. She was single and still living with her parents and five siblings. The man Alla thinks is the father of her baby rejected her and wanted nothing to do with her. Alla’s family pressured her to have an abortion because of their financial situation.

She was the only one working at the time, and supporting the family. Alla seriously considered having the abortion but didn’t have peace about it. One day, during a blood test, the nurse suggested that she look at the pregnancy as a gift, saying that not everyone has the privilege of being a mother. Alla took these words to heart. Later, her mother also encouraged her to keep the baby. She said that it would be the life of a person she would be taking if she did decide to abort. With all this support and affirmation, Alla chose life for her child.She contacted Be’ad Chaim for help and counseling and became part of the Operation Moses project. This provided her with new furniture for her baby and monthly vouchers for a whole year to buy other essentials that her baby would need. In October, Alla gave birth to a precious little girl whom she named Tirza.

Alla is still not a 100% sure who the father of her baby is. She is pretty sure it is one specific person and has been open with him about her uncertainty, not wanting to mislead him. Alla is hoping to do a paternity test later, but, until then, she doesn’t feel comfortable asking for any financial or other support from this man. Despite the uncertainty of the whole situation, he sometimes comes to visit little Tirza.

After the birth, Alla moved into her own apartment. She is currently on maternity leave and is hoping to stay home with little Tirza for the first year, and then place her in daycare so she can return to work. Alla is deeply grateful for all the love and support she has received. She said, “Thank you so much! My baby is a miracle from heaven. I don’t regret having her. I can only thank God!”

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Nili & Baby Boy Nir

Precious Nir just celebrated his first birthday. He walks by pushing his plastic chair across the floor. He eats pureed food and also food in small chunks, since he now has eight teeth! He does not want to be fed. He is a do-it-myself guy! His mother, Nili, bottle feeds him during the day and still breastfeeds him once at night, slowly trying to wean him.

She is so in love with this child.  She can’t imagine how she would be feeling if she had aborted him.

When Nili was pregnant, her mom encouraged her to abort and her boyfriend told her he wouldn’t pressure her either way but would not be involved with the baby. Nili herself had had serious doubts about continuing her pregnancy because of the shame she felt, but her faith in God in the end prevented her from ending Nir’s life. Over time, Nili’s mom came to accept the pregnancy.

Nili’s life has changed for the better over the course of the year. She still lives a town not far from the Gaza border, and commutes to university, as she has only one semester left before graduation. She is showing herself to be an amazing, caring mom! She has managed to balance her studies with finding babysitters and now daycare for Nir. Tension was high in recent months with seemingly endless days of rocket fire from Gaza, sending her and Nir to their secured room (a small room like a bomb shelter). She says the sirens don’t bother the baby because they make the dogs bark, and he is already used to that. It also helps that Nili doesn’t panic even though she has only 15 seconds to find shelter. More encouraging and exciting is that she and Nir’s dad decided to work out their differences, go through counseling and are now engaged to be married! Nir’s dad is head-over-heels in love with his son. Nili is extremely grateful for “the amazing help” she received through the Operation Moses year-long program, as well as for all the encouragement she received from her counselor from the very beginning. Nir is in a happy family now, and Be’ad Chaim played a significant part in enabling that to happen. Nili said that she will never forget it!

Baby Amir needs your prayers

This has been a very challenging year for Sarah and her sweet son yet she is still overflowing with thankfulness to Be’ad Chaim and our generous donors for all the love, support and prayers she and her family have received during the past year.  It truly made a huge difference in her difficult situation.

It was a blessing to have a first birthday party for Amir in our office last week. Sarah is a terrific baker and many moms and staff enjoyed her homemade cakes, and celebrated Amir’s life.

Since precious Amir’s birth, doctors observed that he had various problems with his development, as well as heart defects which require surgery. All were concerned for his future. Since his birth, we have included Amir in our weekly Monday prayer letter which goes out to over 700 locations around the world. Amir can already crawl, stand and walk a little when holding onto things.  He is able to eat regular food and he is growing well.  Amir is such a sweet and lovely boy. He is always smiling and loves babbling and trying to speak. We are convinced that it is these prayers of the saints that have caused Amir to flourish.

We would be grateful for your prayers for his upcoming heart surgery, scheduled for mid-January, which is meant to repair two holes in his little heart.  They are currently waiting for a specialist from the center of the country to return from his trip abroad to do the surgery. Please pray that everything will go well and for the Lord to completely heal this beautiful boy.

Unfortunately, Sarah’s boyfriend turned out to be very abusive and violent towards her.  She had to escape from him and live in an apartment for battered women. Now she and her boyfriend are officially separated and are not in contact.  Recently, she moved into her own apartment, together with her five year old daughter and little Amir.

Sarah can’t work because of Amir’s health issues.  Please continue praying for grace and strength for her, too. She is receiving income support from National Insurance and an allowance for her two young children.  Sarah was receiving a disability allowance for Amir but it has been stopped until it is known for sure what his long term prognosis will be.