Praise God on Good Health Report: Update from Pastor Santoro

I am so thankful for prayers, love and support we have received as we battle against the recent attack of cancer in my brain. We are approaching five months from the initial surgery and I am doing ever better. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE!!!!!

I underwent an MRI on 12/14 and the results were good. The details of the report were that there was no cancer in my brain! The doctor told us that the same white hazy area around the site of the original tumor is still there and that it has the potential to become the source of new cancer cells. It’s been there since the first MRI after the surgery without any change and we believe that the resurrection power of Yeshua has already bound it and that this too will be removed from my body. Please join us in praying that the next MRI that I will undergo in two months will show this area changed into healthy new tissue.

For the next phase of my maintenance treatment, starting the beginning of January, I will be resuming the chemotherapy pills but just for the first five days of every month. Please join us in praying against any side effects.

I am also a candidate to receive a monthly vaccination which has been developed recently in the United States. This brand new treatment, which is still in the research stage, causes the body’s white blood cells to perceive the cancer cells as an enemy and attack them in a natural way. This will probably begin in the last week of January.

Again, we thank all who have been a wonderful encouragement through your prayers, your expressions of love and your ongoing support. It is a long and ongoing battle and we ask that you please keep praying for us. The Lord has done a marvelous thing in our hearts and minds as we have stood and continue to stand in faith. We are changed! He is our confidence and His word gives us life. Let us stand together, knowing that “Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world” and that “By His stripes we are healed.”