Pray for an Israeli Ministry: The Caspari Center

The Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish Studies is an evangelical resource and education center. Established in 1982, the center provides resources for training, discipleship, academic research and study for the messianic body and global Church.


Under the leadership of Elizabeth Levy, the vision is to equip His people for works of service by providing resources and publications, theological training and practical discipleship, and support for local congregations, immigrants, and the next generation of believers.

Their goal is threefold: teach, equip, support.


Guided by this vision, the Caspari Center provides a wide variety of publications and materials, offers Shabbat school seminars to equip children’s ministry workers, and facilitates Bridgebuilders conferences for reconciliation.

Through these projects, they seek to encourage members of the global body of Messiah to reach the Jewish people with the gospel, and enable a deeper understanding of Scripture and the Jewish roots of our faith.

Shabbat School Seminars

Children in Israel grow up in an environment that is mostly hostile to faith in Yeshua, which is why children’s and youth ministries in congregations are of vital importance.


Since 1997, Shabbat School seminars have provided both theoretical and practical training for Shabbat School teachers in Israel using creative online formats, activity books, and resources for house groups. The seminars also offer the teachers an opportunity to connect with one another.



BridgeBuilders is a peace and reconciliation project for young Israeli Messianic Jews, Christian Arabs/Palestinians, and Christian Norwegians, aged 19-25.

Filled with outdoor activities, the conferences focus on fellowship, cultural encounters, and biblically-based teaching designed to encourage reflection and dialogue about faith, identity, fear, prejudice, and conflict resolution.



One of their strategic research projects is a three-volume publication based on gathered and published data to reveal the history of Jewish believers in Jesus from antiquity until today. The narrative challenges both Jews and Christians to rethink common misperceptions and gives Jewish believers access to their own history. One example of this is Mishkan.



Mishkan is an international journal with expert contributors who explore the critical issues facing Jewish evangelism, Hebrew-Christian/Messianic-Jewish identity and Jewish-Christian relations in a lively dialogue.

You can access previous Mishkan issues here on the Caspari Center website.

To find out more about The Caspari Center’s projects and how to get involved, click here.

Join us in praying for this amazing ministry this week!

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” Matthew 6:9-10

Pray for:

  • • The Caspari Center’s upcoming group of 30 visitors to have a meaningful experience
  • • God to speak through publications
  • • Effective Ministry Opportunities
  • • A new IT director

This article originally appeared on the website of FIRM, August 14, 2017, and reposted with permission.