Pray for The Bible Society in Israel


Strategically located in the heart of Jerusalem, on the border between the Old City and downtown, The Bible Society strives to make the Word of God available, accessible, and heard to people throughout Israel in their native languages. Their vision comes directly out of Isaiah 2:3, “For out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.”

Led by Victor Kalisher, it’s a Bible store that sells Bibles in many languages and styles, for people of all ages.

Their aim is to not only bring the Bible to society, but also to encourage growth in the body of Messiah through additional resources for believers. Their Jaffa street location makes it easy for people to stop by on their way to the Old City.


One resource they offer is The Bible Experience and Media center, which is an exhibition that takes you through a three-stage journey, and a series of films that tell the story of how the Bible came to mankind. The journey includes:

    1. The development of the Biblical languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.
    2. Display of materials used in recording, preserving, and transmitting the Word of God from generation to generation (stone, ceramic, papyrus, and skin scroll manuscripts).
    3. The industrialization of printing beginning with the Gutenberg press’ first print of the Latin Bible.

An integral part of the exhibit is a display of facsimiles of the most ancient known Bibles (such as the Aleppo and Sinaiticus Codices, or bound books). Also on display are the first Bibles published in various languages.

As part of the exhibition, visitors can view films explaining how the Bible came to us and other Bible related topics in the media center. The exhibition and media center offer aesthetic beauty and education about the history of the Bible’s development to people from all backgrounds.

Current Projects:

Modernizing text

For many, understanding the Bible in their own language is easy, but for Israelis, it’s much more difficult because the Hebrew in the original text is ancient and different from the modern day language. Words can even have different meanings.


The Bible Society is translating the New Testament into modern Hebrew to help readers more easily understand and apply God’s word. The Hebrew language is changing and they want to keep up.

Sign language and other languages

They also plan to start a Hebrew sign language to reach more Israelis with the Word of God. This is a difficult feat, as there is a different sign language for every spoken language.

Another facet they focus on is finding ways to bring the Bible to people in Israel from every country. There are many immigrants to Israel that need the Bible in their own languages and they desire to distribute as many as possible.

Click here to find out more about The Bible Society’s current projects.

Prayers Requests:

    • • People to join the mission of spreading the Word of God
    • • Volunteers and workers with computer and video skills
    • • Effective ministry through each project

This article originally appeared on FIRM, and reposted with permission.