Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

A Jewish man blows a shofar at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem on September 16, 2017, prior to the upcoming Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. 'Selichot" the prayer for forgiveness, is a prayer usually recited before dawn in the lead-up to the Rosh Hashana (New Years) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) high holidays. (Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

It doesn’t seem coincidental that at our school, Makor HaTikvah, the only Messianic Jewish school in the heart of the city which is being attacked daily, we are studying about the prophet Elijah during our time of worship.  As I recently read the story about the showdown at Mt. Carmel between the followers of Baal, the false god of the day and Elijah who challenged them to see who is the One, True God, I was reminded that not much has changed.

The young Palestinians who are now perpetrating these daily attacks, knowing very well that they could become a casualty of death, are more than willing to do so as a result of their deep indoctrination, believing that this is the highest level of devotion that they could show their god and the deepest commitment to their faith and their people.

The real tragedy is that they have bought into a lie – the same lie that Satan has been peddling since the creation of man.  It’s an insidious lie which discounts God’s plan for His creation which is to “live” and live abundantly.  This lie convinces its listeners, even young people whose lives, filled with so much promise, are worth extinguishing before they even have a chance to begin.  It propagates the notion that God’s creation is worthless junk and not a string of precious years which were meant to be spent in praise to the Creator and service to others – God’s creation.   The lie promises a false hope of reward and honor when, in fact, the end leads to total destruction and death.

This was the same fate of those who worshipped Baal and who cut and bloodied themselves as they cried out to a god that did not exist and, therefore, could not answer.  Their god led them to be slaughtered once everyone saw the results of the One, True God.

For these pitiful Palestinians who are wreaking destruction on God’s holy city, the same fate awaits them.  It is incumbent upon all of us to pray that God – the One, True God reveals Himself to these young people who have bought into this awful deception which will rob them of their future, of a better life and, more importantly, of their eternal salvation.

As you pray for the peace of Jerusalem to return and for our citizens to live in peace and tranquillity, remember who is behind this attack and why.  His doom is sure, and his time is short, so he is waging war in the very land and the very city where it is all going to culminate – the place from  where redemption will come and will go out to the rest of the world. The lie he has told himself is that if he can stop that redemption by destroying the place from where it will emerge, then he can win the ultimate battle and put an end to God’s plan of restoring the sinful heart of man to Himself.  It’s a futile effort on the part of the enemy, but deception is always blinding and never able to think rationally.

Praise God that we already know how it’s going to end.  Redemption will come, and all Israel will be saved!

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem  “May those who love you be secure. May all who love this city prosper. Psalm 122 and may God have mercy on His land and His people.