Pray for the protection of Israel

We want to ask you to stay with us in prayers in these hours for God’s protection of the cities and settlements of Israel, which at this time are under massive shelling by extremist organizations from Gaza.

In our City of Sderot from 6:00 a.m to this hour, we hear many sirens and the military operations of the IDF in Gaza . We hear the Iron Dome that shoots down the missiles that fly to other cities of Israel is also located here in Sderot and all these explosions are heard here which greatly affects the overall situation in the City causing panic. Because people are sitting in bomb shelters, the schools are canceled today and many parents are forced to stay at home because of this situation.

The Israeli government announced a state of emergency within a radius of 80 kilometers from Gaza. According to various sources, more than 170 missiles were shot from Gaza in the morning. Some of them land and exploded in Sderot because the Iron Dome does not always manage to shoot down missiles that fly a short distance.

Two rockets hit buildings in Sderot. One of the Buildings is a residential building in the c and by God’s grace, nobody was hurt.

The second building in which there was a direct hit of a rocket, is one of the factories the Sderot industrial zone, then a major fire started, which is located on a neighboring street from the new building of our congregation, it happened less than an hour ago while I wrote this message.

Please also pray for the People of Gaza. We believe that God has an answer for Gaza!

That the Lord would give them an Economic answer and they would be engaged in ordinary civic work in order to feed their families through labor, and not through terrorist plans. And also, so that the Gaza government changes to one that will take care of the well-being of the people of its people, above all.

And also for believers born again who live in Fear and are subject to constant persecution by Hamas. We proclaim Gaza for Jesus as saved and open to freedom of worship and acceptance of the ministers of God’s Word. And the spirit of violence broken in this place, in the Yeshua’s name!

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Michael Beener
Michael & Dina Beener at the founders of "City of Life" located in Sderot, southern Israel less than a mile from the border with Gaza. The congregation began as a group of prayer among young students from the local university in the year 2000. The city has been an ongoing target of Qassam rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip since 2001 causing that at least 75 percent of children aged 4–18 in Sderot suffer from post-traumatic stress, including sleeping disorders and severe anxiety. Sderot is infamously referred to as The "Bomb Shelter Capital of the World" because of its numerous bomb shelters some of which are built in the form of Children's Play areas in school playgrounds. In this atmosphere of violence the Lord put us as a beacon of light to share the Gospel, pray and declare that this is a "City of Life."