PRAYER ALERT: Gaza protest marches on Friday 6 April

Prayer Alert

Today, again, there will be protest marches at the Gaza security fence. Several Palestinians have already lost their lives last Friday, 30 March, 2018. These protest marches, orchestrated by Hamas, look set to be a weekly affair until Israel’s 70th Independence Day on 15 May (the start of Ramadan, their fasting month).

This is a list of challenges that IDF soldiers will face today from the protesters:

  • distinguishing between Palestinian civilians serving as human shields and terrorists hidden among them who are bent on breaching the border. (In the past, border infiltations led to kidnapping of soldiers and terrorist attacks on Israeli soil.)
  • smokescreen from the smoke of burning 10,000 tires (an ecological disaster!)
  • mirrors and lasers to blind IDF troops targeting terrorists
  • civilians instructed to disguise as terrorists; this will put civilian lives at risk and IDF at risk of killing innocent people
  • civilians willing to die or be injured because of the lure of monetary reward for death or injury; these may put themselves in harm’s way for money.

Let us pray for divine intervention to prevent further loss of lives. Strong winds and heavy rain to douse the smoke, disperse the protesters and loosen their grips on the mirrors and lasers. Cause holy fear to keep the civilians from following instructions to destroy or defy. Divine guidance to each IDF soldier and security personnel to defend the border and strategies to the military leadership to maintain control of border areas.

We pray for influencers to raise an international outcry against the use of human shields by Hamas. And against the imminent ecological disaster from burning 10,000 tires. We ask for exposure of  terror tunnels. We call for the flow of funds to support terrorism be stopped. Media bias, distortions and fake news against Israel be exposed and corrected. Innocent Palestinians be spared from further suffering and misery.

May the Lord teach us how to pray!