Prayer alert: Head of IFI in serious condition after leg amputation

Eliyahu and his wife, Hannah

A call has gone out to pray for Eliyahu Ben-Haim who is in critical condition at a hospital in Scotland after having his leg amputated in emergency surgery due to a flesh-eating bacteria that he picked up while traveling last week.

Ben-Haim, one of the leaders of Intercessors for Israel, was in Scotland for his organization’s conference. IFI, an Israel-based ministry, “seeks to raise up a prayer army in and for Israel” through teaching about prayer for individuals and congregations.

According to Ben-Haim’s wife, Hannah, after the conference Eliyahu went to a hospital in Scotland after noticing that some pain he had been experienced had creeped up his leg. Doctors discovered he had “necrotizing fasciitis” commonly known as a “flesh-eating disease.” Removing limbs is almost always necessary to save a person’s life.

Eliyahu remains in intensive care on life support with 24/7 care in order to prevent contamination. He remains sedated and on life support in critical condition.

Hannah Ben-Haim sent out praise reports and prayer requests:

“Praise Reports:

1) For the excellent medical facility and care he is receiving;

2) That Rachel (Eliyahu and Hannah’s daughter) can be there with her mom;

3) That the two of them have very good accommodations with friends who live close to the hospital.  

Urgent prayer needs:  

1) That Eliyahu’s blood pressure stabilizes so he can be removed from life support;  

2) That his organs will overcome the trauma and function normally;

3) That the new sedation medication would allow Eliyahu to wake up calmly.

Thank you for your prayers!”

Eliyahu made aliyah to Israel from the United States and is a member of member of Kehilat El Ro’i in Jerusalem. He is one of the Body of Messiah’s leading teachers and publishes a newsletter about what is really happening in Israel and how to pray.