Prayer Concerning Israel and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Illustrative - Russian army tanks move back to their permanent base after drills in Russia (Photo: Russian Defence Ministry Press Service)

Israel tries hard to mind its own business. As a culture our highest aspiration is to raise a family in peace that will continue the legacy of our people and live long enough to see great-grandkids —and you know, be a blessing by inventing something that will leave our world a better place. Unfortunately, being a small nation in the middle of a complex collection of countries and cultures that hate us, making alliances with other nations is crucial for our peaceful existence. Despite Israel’s readiness to defend itself, its strategic partnership with countries like the U.S. serves as more of a deterrent for nations like Iran than any weapon it could possess.  But alliances go both ways, and the trickiest part is when a nation we have alliances—or at least diplomatic ties with—fight each other. Ukraine has hoped for Israel to be more outspoken against Russia, but Israel has refused. “We love Ukraine, but we are not going to get involved in a conflict between superpowers like the U.S. and Russia. We have enough on our plate,” a senior Israeli official told me.

Israel did offer to host a summit between Russia and Ukraine however word has it that Putin considered the intervention of Israeli mediation to be below him. Ukraine for its part seems to feel Putin is looking to try and resurrect the USSR and as such will reject any offer Ukraine would present.

Several Maoz team members in Israel have friends and family that are currently in threatened areas in Ukraine. Please include their safety in your prayers.

  • Father, kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall, but Yours shall never cease. You build kingdoms and tear them down in Your own time on Your own schedule.
  • And still the powers on earth continuously challenge Your rule. They will all eventually fail—but we ask that they fail sooner, before their actions result in destruction and mass casualties.
  • We wrestle not with flesh and blood (Eph. 6:12) and so we don’t merely ask that You would remove evil leaders from places of power—but also that You would remove the spiritual powers behind them.
  • Expose the secrets of those planning to do harm.
  • Give Israel wisdom to know what steps to take in this crisis. Use this crisis to garner favor for Israel in areas of Europe where anti-Semitism currently thrives.
  • Permit all who wish to flee the areas in danger of attack to be able to. Do it supernaturally so that You receive glory and many turn to You.
  • Many Jews in Russia and Ukraine alike have heard the message of salvation through Yeshua—let the intensity of this time cause them to search for You.
  • Help those to come who want to return home to Israel.
  • You have already written the story of what is to come in our lives and on the world stage – we pray let Your kingdom be on earth as it is in heaven!

This article originally appeared on Maoz Israel and is reposted with permission.