Prayer Request for Israeli Messianic Leader Recovering from Surgery

Jacob Damkani is the founder and leader of Trumpet of Salvation to Israel, which is an evangelistic organization called to preach the Gospel of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) “to the Jew first” and also to Gentiles. On August 5, 2015 he underwent a type of heart surgery called an aortic dissection. Aortic dissection occurs when a tear in the inner wall of the aorta causes blood to flow between the layers of the wall of the aorta, forcing the layers apart.

First of all, let us thank God for a successful surgery! But we ask that you stand with us and continue to pray for Jacob’s recovery to full health.

Trumpet of Salvation to Israel Prayer Update

August 8, 2015

We would like to give all of you a brief update of the past few days here and let you know what has been going on with Jacob. Thank you to everyone who has been keeping him in your prayers!

We ask you all to pray for Jacob today! He underwent an eight hour operation on his heart today. He looks ok now, but he still needs prayer! Please pray! Please do! What a blessing to know that you all pray! We saw the Lord already doing a few miracles today so we are confident that the Lord will once more glorify Himself by performing a big miracle in Jacob’s life. What a God we serve! What a blessing to be safe in His loving and strong hands! How could we live without Him?! We couldn’t!!! Elisheva, who knows that the Almighty God takes good care of His servant Jacob

Thank you so much for your prayer!
I see it all as a long story of miracles. Jacob was swimming yesterday when he felt pain… It was a matter of minutes. The doctors even didn’t take time to examine him really. Immediately they took him to an eight hour operation. Miracles! That he made it out of the sea with pain indescribable, that we did go to hospital although we did not think it can be something serious (Jacob has been sending away the ambulance that came to the beach), that they immediately understood what is wrong although Jacob could not explain too well and there are only 20 patients a year with that rare problem of the artery in that hospital, that we got the best doctor for him, that he managed to restore the aorta, that Jacob is stable since he came out of the operation… In the morning Jacob started to wake up but since it was a bit hard on his body they decided to give him more time and let him sleep some more. It is good for him, he looks already much better than in the morning, almost rested and with a good color in his face. Thank you that you keep praying for a good and peaceful waking up and for his heart, lungs… to take over their work again! I believe we will see one more miracle and that Jacob will wake up healthy, and his lungs and heart will take up the work even better than before.
Thank you for being with us in this, Elisheva

6.8.2015 evening
We had a very good day!
In the morning it was so hard to see my precious Jacob suffer. I could see that it is not easy for him. But in the afternoon he was already much better, reacting when I talked… opening his eyes and moving his head. What a joy! Jacob started to react when I talked and sang, opened his eyes and believe recognized me. they still let him be half, 3/4 asleep that his body will not have to work too hard at once… At times he looks as he wants to get up and move, simply Jacob. But he will need patience to recover and he will receive it. It will be still a long way to go but since the Lord is with us we will make it, make it with joy and the strength of the Almighty God! I saw so many miracles these last two days and we will see many more! What a God we serve! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the love we receive and feel! What a gift to have brothers and sisters like you! What a joy to know that we are not alone! Thank you!Jacob Damkani 2

Jacob sends you all his love and a smile. He is smiling with every cell of his body! He woke up well, breathing all by himself, feeling good and all of his numbers are good…. He has pain and there is still a long way to go, but we praise God for all the miracles He has done already and we believe for more miracles to come. We have a big hallelujah in our heart – in many shapes and forms! What a wonderful God we serve!

Thank you for praying, please don’t stop now, we still need your prayer, the Lord still has to do a lot…!

Be strong and very courageous.
Jacob Damkani