Prophetic Studio in Haifa


About a year ago, God clearly spoke to Leon Mazin the pastor of “Return to Zion” and its servants to establish a “Prophetic Studio”. We didn’t quite understand the meaning of this words into depth, and you can say that we still do not grasp it completely but we decided to obey the Lord.

We started a project and bought an additional place in our facility following God’s direction and made of it a room for prayer, worship and prophecy. After we finished with the rebuilding process, we did not have a full picture of what to expect and how to deal with it. However, God himself began to send people and groups from Israel and abroad to a place where they could worship Him, connect with Him and be filled with the Holy Spirit. After several groups from Israel and around the world have visited the place and have spent hours and even days there, we saw how much anointing God is willing to pour out on those who seek Him and obey Him.

God is present, brings physical and spiritual healing, faith renewal and answer to prayers. We desire that the body of our Messiah in Israel and abroad will use the prophetic studio in order to meet with our Creator being filled in His presence, to worship, to praise and to rest in him as well as to spark a breakthrough and revival.

You are welcome to our Prophetic Studio in Haifa to spend time with Him alone or in a group. It can also be used to arrange meetings and conferences, basically anything that will serve the body of our Messiah.

For more information and bookings please write to:
[email protected]

A tour group praying and worshipping in the Prophetic Studio
A tour group praying and worshipping in the Prophetic Studio