Protecting the most vulnerable: KNI partners with local Messianic congregations in mask initiative

Ebenezer Home staff worker with a BioBlocX mask (Photo: courtesy)

Kehila News is spearheading a project to distribute state-of-the-art protective face masks to at-risk populations in Israel. These patented masks, called BioBlocX, contain small amounts of copper and are produced by Jerusalem-based Argaman Technologies. The company’s innovation was highlighted on CBN News in Feb 2020 before the coronavirus arrived in Israel.

One Israeli Messianic donor has already gifted 35 BioBlocX masks to the staff at Ebenezer Home, the only facility for elderly believers in Israel, and another KNI reader from Japan has donated 10 BioBlocX masks to a nursing home in the United States where they just received news of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Kehila News is calling on our friends around the world who want to help get these premium Israeli-made masks into the hands of Holocaust survivors and other elderly Israelis by donating to cover the discounted cost of $45 per BioBlocX mask.

Kehila News is partnering with four congregations around Israel in order to distribute the BioBlocX masks to the elderly in our own Messianic community as well as others. The four congregations are Tents of Mercy in the north, Nahalat Yeshua in the south, Adonai Roi in the Tel Aviv area and Jerusalem Assembly House of Redemption in the Jerusalem area.

In Israel, about 40 percent of all coronavirus-related deaths have been among nursing home residents, highlighting the vulnerability of this demographic. And now, even more so with restrictions being gradually loosened, our loved ones and people who are considered high-risk need to be protected the best as possible.

The timing of Kehila News’ mask distribution project is especially poignant as last week the Israeli Health Ministry issued an order requiring everybody to wear a mask when in public areas.

If you would like to support this initiative to purchase one Israeli-made premium BioBlocX mask for the discounted price of $45 each, please click here to donate to protect an elderly or at-risk person in Israel.

Click here to donate to the mask initiative for the elderly.