Pursuing God’s Fire: A Review of “I Am Before You”

From the opening phrases performed by the ‘Kamancheh’ (a Middle Eastern stringed instrument originated from the area Abraham came from) to the glorious closing piano outro, the listener can tell that Sarah Liberman’s album “I Am Before You” is a gem. It portrays a worship journey, spanning from antiquity to modernity. Included are songs sung in Hebrew and English with many opportunities for the worshipper to sing his or her own song to the Lord throughout the disc.

This is Liberman’s first album; however, she is no stranger to the Israeli Messianic world as she leads worship at several congregations in the North. “A few years ago I came to a point where everything in my life, outside of my family, was stripped away,” she says. “I felt lost and didn’t understand who I was supposed to be anymore. In that place of desperation I began to seek God and He met me in a deep and powerful way. As a result, He restored the call of worship over my life. The songs on this album were written during that time of personal revival.”

As a result, Sarah then began leading worship nights held on the top of Mount Carmel, where Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal. ”God sent worshippers from across the North to come together in unity and worship Him,” she adds. “When it came to making this album I knew that it would be about releasing the sound of these worship nights. All the vocalists you hear are young people who worship on that mountain.”

While using her own music production talents and getting help from others, she even included secular Israeli musicians on the album. “God was using this opportunity to reach into the secular Israeli music scene and present His son Yeshua to these musicians who would otherwise never hear of Him or come in contact with this kind of worship. It had a real impact.” As a result, this sparked a new initiative for the album called the 1,000-Project.  Sarah adds, “I felt God asking me to believe Him for the ability to give away 1,000 CDs to impact 1,000 non-believing Israeli homes for God, through the power of worship.”

Another impact from the album was the budding of music videos on YouTube and creative graphic design in the album booklet. Sarah says, “God showed me the pattern of coming into His presence through how He laid out worship in the tabernacle, and so, many things to do with this album, including the graphics in the booklet and music videos are very specifically designed with this pattern in mind.” She also says, “I saw a vision one day, of the music video for ‘Fire of Your Spirit’, with the tabernacle, the blood, and the Holy Place and I’m so thankful to the Lord that He made a way we could actually make it. Michael Hilsden who shot it, did an amazing job of bringing what I saw in my head, to life.”

The tracks speak for themselves, essentially. The album opens with “God Full of Mercy (El Maleh Rachamim)”, a beautiful taste of ancient worship blended with contemporary instruments and driving rhythms while “Stronger (Ata Gadol)” puts the classic by Hillsong into Hebrew and English with a beautiful ending. Then, “Pour Out Your Spirit (Shfoch Et Ruchacha)” creates a musical pause with a simple arrangement. It is a heartfelt cry to God to let His Spirit overtake us.

Fire of Your Spirit (Esh Ruchacha)” follows, encompassing the soundscape of ancient Israel. In it, you can hear sounds of the Shofar (Rams Horn), the Priestly Blessing at the Western Wall, and ancient percussion instruments amidst other ancient sounds. “All That Is Within Me (Kol Ma Sh’bi)” is a deep continuation, pleading for God to reveal His heart to all of us.

Next, “I Will Exalt (Eshtachaveh L’cha)”, a song made popular by Bethel Music, is sung in Hebrew and English with a driving pulse and an interlude drawn from the Psalms. Afterwards, “Rescue (Ani Edvock B’cha)” and “The Great Exchange” are deep prayers to have more of Him and less of us and to depend on His Mercy in our lives.

Following is “Worthy is the Lamb (Raui HaSeh)” based on Isaiah 60:1 and Revelation 5, a thunderous cry proclaiming God’s awesome radiance and glory. This song is a response to a heart cry from Sarah to know the sound of heaven and how the angels worship God. “It came as a joyful melody with no words initially. Then, they came after sitting down at my keyboard. I was on a quest for God’s glory, and this is a milestone on the road,” she says. Then, the tempo shifts to faster and even more joyously to “Nothing Can Separate Us (Lo Yafridu Oti Mimcha)” based on Romans 8. It proclaims that God is in control and he uses all things for His purpose to those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

“One Thing (Achat Sha’alti)” based on Psalm 27 is a meditative cry to know God even deeper, to enter His House, and to be with Him forever. This paves way for the triumphant outro, with many voices crying “Who Was And Is And Is To Come” (Revelation 1:8) , “To Him Who Sits Upon the Throne and unto the Lamb be Honor, Blessing, Power” (Revelation 5:13) and other lines of utmost adoration. The album concludes with “Offering”, a quiet afterthought with only a piano playing softly. It is a time for quiet reflection on this journey the listener has taken.

Sarah says, “My hope is that those who listen to this album will they themselves be compelled to deep worship and experience the real, tangible, life transforming presence of God. Once that happens, you will never be the same again.” This theme goes hand in hand with Sarah’s up and coming album, “A Pure Heart (Lev Tahor)”. She says, “This album is the next step after coming into God’s presence; ultimately pointing to how to live a pure heart lifestyle. The first verse God gave me, that started this one, is from Matthew 5:8 – ‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God’. That is an amazing promise.”  May we all be transformed from Glory to Glory as we move deeper into His Presence and knowing Him more.

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Joe is a musician (pianist & percussionist) who graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Now, he is pursuing a Master of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies at the Charles Feinberg Center of Messianic Jewish Studies in Brooklyn, New York. He has a heart for the Jewish people and has traveled to Israel four times, with plans to go back.