Israeli believers react to the Soleimani assassination

Source: Commons

In Judges 3, a high-ranking political leader that threatened the people of Israel is assassinated. Ehud, the left-handed judge, killed Eglon, king of Moab. The result? “The land had peace for eighty years.” (Judges 3:30)

The assassination of Qasem Soleimani, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds force commander, in a U.S. airstrike has caused a huge uproar worldwide. Even in Israel, some believe this could have dangerous repercussions for the Jewish state. Others cheered Pres. Donald Trump’s administration for show that their “red lines” are not empty rhetoric, as was the case with the previous administration. Those in this camp believe this move will benefit American allies such as Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and others.

Israeli government leaders have not commented in order not to draw attention. Meanwhile, Israelis are hoping not to get caught in the crossfire between the U.S. and Iran.

A few Messianic ministries here in Israel have commented on the assassination. Rick Ridings of Succat Hallel, a worship ministry in Jerusalem, mentioned prophetic visions pertaining to the political turmoil in the Middle East and quoted scriptures from Jeremiah about Persia. He also gave practical advice on how to pray for this situation.

Asher Intrater, head of the Revive Israel ministry, praised the assassination on Facebook, saying that this terrorist was brought to justice. He mentioned the assassination of el-Baghdadi and noted how these two terror leaders were from different sects of Islam, Sunni and Shia, and even fought against one another. Together these two terrorists, he said, killed hundreds of thousands of people and turned tens of millions into refugees.

“The fact that evil people might be upset when they are brought to justice is not a reason to stop,” he said. He then led viewers in prayer for the Iraqi and Iranian people.

Several Palestinian Christian ministries condemned the assassination and some shared anti-Semitic conspiracy theories accusing Israel of being behind the attack.

Iran has threatened to attack American and Israeli military bases in retaliation. Whether they will deliver on that threat remains to be seen. Israel is distancing itself from the conflict and remains once again an island of relative calm as the turmoil of the Middle East increases.

But will we too have peace for eighty years as they had in biblical times when Eglon was assassinated? Probably not.