Ready to Go Viral in Madrid, Spain: An International Gathering of Messianic Young Adults


Today is the last day of a one week conference over the New Year holiday where 85 young adults, ages 18-35, have gathered in Madrid, Spain. The attendees are from Israel, Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia, and includes both Messianic Jews and Gentile believers who love Israel and the Jewish people and reflects the diversity of our global movement.

The conference is called “Muchan”, which means “Ready” in Hebrew. The theme of the conference is “Ready to Go Viral”, and the lessons have centered around the most viral message in history, the message of Yeshua. An Israeli Messianic Biblical Scholar, Dr. P, walked the young adults through an in-depth study of the Book of Acts and pointed out the “tastemakers”, the key people who share the message and cause it to go viral. One of the conference organizers, Ryan K, said that “going viral is putting the impact of the first Messianic believers in contemporary context and that God-willing, the message of Yeshua will go viral AGAIN among the Jewish people.”

This year’s gathering was held in Madrid because of its Jewish history. Spain was once home to the Golden Age of Judaism. The conference participants had the privilege of touring two cities, Madrid and Toledo, and learning from Dr. Z about the impact of Spanish Jews on culture, art, science, commerce, literature, and rabbinic thought.

This was the third Muchan conference. Previous gatherings were in Berlin in 2009/10 and in Paris in 2012/13. Chosen People Ministries (CPM) organizes and helps subsidize the conference, as most of the young adults also contribute to their expenses for Muchan. Mitch Glaser, President of CPM, said that the inspiration behind Muchan is to bring young adults together, both Jew and Gentile. He said “When I became a believer, I knew very few other believers in Yeshua. Fellowship with other Messianic Jews was a great encouragement to me. I thought it would be nice, since we are a global movement, to bring people together to get to know each other and encourage one another. And based on the young adults that I keep meeting through Muchan, I believe the Messianic movement has a very bright future.” The next Muchan conference is planned for the 2016/17 over the New Year holiday. For more information about Muchan, go to