Red Carpet: Making Homeless Women of Tel Aviv Feel Beautiful

There is a place in Israel that most visitors would prefer to avoid, and it clashes with their image of the “holy land”. In the heart of Tel Aviv, not far from the old bus station, is an area ruled by drug dealers, homeless addicts and victims of prostitution.


Tel Aviv is a high-paced business hub of Israel. Certainly, it is one of the leading cities (globally) in technological innovations. The beautiful coast and good universities attract young people from all of Israel and abroad. This gives the city a trendy vibe. And yet, there is more outside of this sunny picture.

Setting foot in the “red light district” means facing the tragic reality of women who live here. Many of them homeless, they were forced into prostitution or turned to it out of desperation. In a place like this, it is hard to find hope. In spite of that, a group of believers dedicated their lives to shine a light in this dark place.

Abundant Life (Chaim Beshefa in Hebrew) is a ministry that brought a unique idea to life. Meaning, they opened a beauty salon for women in the streets! The Red Carpet beauty center meets practical needs of women who want nothing more than to regain their dignity.


At Red Carpet, the women in need receive hair and nail treatments, can take a warm shower and rest. Many of them have been victims of abuse. But here, they can feel loved and cared for. On top of it all, at the salon they can also hear a message of hope and salvation.

“The idea is to serve them, first of all, and then to help them go to rehabilitation centers, to see redemption in every way in their lives. That’s the hope!” said Anat, the cofounder of Abundant Life who hugs and serves these battered women right alongside her volunteers.

Watch this video on Abundant Life –


Atmosphere of overwhelming kindness and acceptance fills the Red Carpet Center in Tel Aviv. Thus, it is no surprise that their hands are always full. And, they were running out of space!

Thanks to generous support, Abundant Life was able to move their beauty salon to a bigger location in the same neighborhood. The new space is double the size, but needed renovations.

Through the help of consultants, contractors and multiple donors, the new venue has been fully renovated and Red Carpet is back in operation! Once again, it serves as a ministry center revealing the love of Yeshua in one of the toughest spots in Tel Aviv. By showing love to the homeless, they are enveloping them in hope.

This article originally appeared on FIRM, December 1, 2020, and reposted with permission.