Redeeming October 31 through Worship and Praise from Israel – Join us!

For many followers of the way, followers of Yeshua the Galilean, both in Israel and worldwide, October 31 can seem to be in some ways the zeitgeist of the fallen state of the world today.

A very pagan tradition has over time seeped into much of western culture, and historically was even named as a official church holiday, with both All Saints’ Day and All Hallows’ Eve, the night before commemorating saints of the Catholic Church, as a way to justify the “Children of the light” (1 Thess. 5:5) revelry associated.

We have an opportunity to redeem this day. And we invite you no matter what country you’re in to choose to take ground like Joshua, to choose to have a victorious evening of worship and praise with us at 6 PM Israel time.

The live stream will begin on Aliyah Return Center Facebook page and YouTube.

We as Israelis, though, breathe a sigh of relief that the pagan traditions of Halloween have yet to permeate secular Israeli culture and hope it never will. Purim has become a excuse for similar activity but at least it has a redeeming backstory.

At the Aliyah Return Center, as part of our yearly ambassador academy, we aim to show what God is doing throughout history, and today, not only what He did in the time of the Bible.

We feel that not only our children but we all as a global family and body of Messiah would benefit from taking your eyes off pumpkin carvings and costumes, and take a deeper look at the significance of what God is doing on this specific date.

It almost reminds me of how Yeshua took his disciples to Banias, “The gates of hell” (Matt. 16:13–23) where the temple of pan stood and Kefa (Peter) had a great revelation. He responded to Yeshua, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” (v. 16)

The amount of things that God did on this date is remarkable, for example:

October 31, 1517: A man named Martin Luther set out to reform the church. While in later years he turned to anti-Semitic rhetoric, he also left a legacy of inspiring many later Puritans to stand for Israel’s restoration.

October 31, 1898: The German Kaiser Wilhelm II entered Jerusalem in great pomp and splendor to open the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer and also show the Ottoman Turkish rulers that the world powers have a vested interest in Jerusalem.

October 31, 1917: As a part of the British forces in WWI, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) light horse battalion defeated the Ottoman forces in the Battle of Beersheva, ending 400 years of their occupation of this land.

October 31, 1917: The decision was made by the Prime Minister of the UK to establish a homeland for the Jewish people here in the historical land of Israel, in what is called the initial draft of the Balfour declaration.

[Side note, It’s also one of my sister’s birthday. It was a home birth in Philadelphia, so you can imagine what it was like with people knocking on the door expecting to receive candy.]

As followers of the way, we have felt the call to come together in worship and praise on the main stage of the Aliyah Return Center just outside of the under construction three-story “Vertical” Galilee House Of Prayer.

Click here to read more about it. 

We are so honored that even though we are now providing housing for many non-religious Israelis, about 178 of them, with the New Immigrant resident agricultural school, the pre-army academy, the Lone Soldiers housing, international interns and volunteers, the building designated to house widows and widowers, we can host an evening of worship and praise for a time like this.

It definitely has been a time of testing our fruits, and gifts of the spirit – especially long-suffering – with these coronavirus restrictions, not only in Israel but worldwide!

Since each group that lives here will have a designated sectioned off area this event will be adhering to the current restrictions.

We can’t wait to see you ONLINE! Spread the word.

Regardless of any date or wherever you are, why don’t you engage in or privately lead “vertical sessions.” Click here for more information.

We invite you to book your precious “Vertical Session” with us, select a time on this link – and break out your alabaster box before the Lord.

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Chaim made Aliyah from the USA in 1999, served and still serves, now as a reservist in “Yaahlom,” an elite unit of the IDF from 2005-present, graduated from IDC in Herzliya in 2013 (BA in Government), and is currently Director of the Aliyah Return Center, originating as a division of Return Ministries, Teaching and training international interns, advocacy for Israel, developing the Galilee, and much more. Chaim is also a partner in Isralandgo Ltd dealing in many international, and national business ventures, with a principal focus is to promote Israel and Nations working together for Zion’s sake. Chaim and his wife Deanna are blessed to parent a wonderful son, Matiah, and girl, Hadar. “Unconditional love, in uncompromising faith”