Reflecting on President Donald Trump’s first visit to Israel

Paul Calvert was there to hear the initial speeches and has also been speaking to people on the streets of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

President Trump arrived in Israel yesterday. As Air Force One touched down, Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Rivlin were there to meet him. National anthems were played, The Star Spangled Banner and the Hatikvah, with President Rivlin taking President Trump to inspect the troops. Once the troops were inspected they went to the podium where they were introduced. President Rivlin was the first to welcome President Trump. Then the Prime Minister got up to make his speech. This is what he had to say:

“President Rivlin and his wife Nechama, President Trump and madam First Lady, Donald, Melania, welcome. A very warm welcome to Israel. Your visit here Mr President is truly historic. Never before has the first foreign trip of a President of the United States included a visit to Israel. Thank you Mr President. Thank you for this powerful expression of your friendship to Israel.”

It was great to see the American President in the Holy Land, but what do the people on the street think?

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