Refuting the refutation – ONE FOR ISRAEL responds to a rabbi’s video series attacking Yeshua

Eitan Bar of ONE FOR ISRAEL (Photo: screenshot)

In early July, Rabbi Zamir Cohen published a series of six YouTube videos of about fifteen minutes each, on “refuting Christianity.” Cohen is an author of many books on Judaism, and is the chairman and founder of the organization “hidabrut” which tries to bring secular Jews to Judaism. The six videos have received many thousands of views and are richly engaging.

He starts off by saying that he is not out to hurt the feelings of Christians, but that this series is needed because of “the missionaries.” He then accuses these missionaries of “trying to sell an imitation, passing it off as the original,” referring to Christianity as a “cheap imitation” of Judaism.

After this, he goes into the actual refutation, using some of the well-known accusations against Christianity. When the true Messiah arrives, there will be world peace and perfection. Therefore, it was not Yeshua. He then presents Yeshua as a false Messiah, and adds that the gentiles incorporated pagan legends like a God-human and the trinity, and added statues to their worship, turning it into a separate, pagan religion, and removed the requirements of kosher laws and circumcision to make it more appealing.

ONE FOR ISRAEL took up the challenge, and on August 5, they published an hour-long video refuting the refutation. In this video, Eitan Bar, Moti Vaknin, and Anastasia go through about 30 of Cohen’s attacks against Yeshua and the New Testament and present refutations against each one of them.

As the video starts, Bar says: “In his videos, Cohen brings up a number of claims in a desperate attempt to attack and disprove. We are not here to defend Christianity, or what certain Christians have done through history. We are Jews ourselves. But we do want to answer his specific attacks against the New Testament and Yeshua, who we believe is the Jewish Messiah.”

Next, our friends at ONE FOR ISRAEL reveal that all the refutations Cohen brought up can easily be found with a quick google search, and some of his ignorant claims reveal he hasn’t even read the New Testament. “Most of these claims we have already answered in one way or another, countless times in the past. Some of them so long ago, that Moti still had hair!”

They then go into the finer details and dismantle Cohen’s claims one by one. He claimed, for example, that the New Testament was written hundreds of years after the time of Yeshua, but then talks about legends from the Talmud as historic facts, even though they were written 500 years after their supposed occurrence. He is not familiar with the New Testament or Christian theology, and attacks ideas and concepts that he mistakenly thinks Christians believe. When he claims that the Messiah was not supposed to suffer, Eitan, Moti and Anastasia bring up dozens of quotes from the Talmud and Rabbis throughout history who speak of the suffering Messiah. When he claims that Christianity only spoke to the simple people, since the scholars could see through the “deception,” they bring up quotes from the Talmud about the corruption of the Jewish leadership during the time of Yeshua, and also present a list of Jewish scholars throughout history who believed in Yeshua as the Messiah. “They claim that no educated Jew would ever believe in Yeshua, but as soon as reality proves otherwise, the Jew who believes in Yeshua is expelled and seen as a heretic and a non-Jew,” Anastasia says.

“To sum it up dear Jews,” Moti says towards the end, “As you have seen, Zamir Cohen’s attacks are based on lies, falsifications, distortions, and taking things out of context. Anyone who examines the claims himself will see that they don’t uphold under scrutiny. It’s not a coincidence that the Rabbis are so afraid of the world of academic research. History and logic are not on their side, so instead they turn to emotions and legends where their opponents are set up as the bad guy.”

“Don’t trust the Rabbis with closed eyes,” Anastasia sums up. “They are afraid to lose their power over the people of Israel. We challenge you to stop taking everything they say as fact, and research it for yourselves. That’s why God gave you a mind. And to you, dear Rabbi Zamir Cohen – Dr. Eitan Bar has invited you to an open debate in the past, and you refused, so this is an official invitation to you to please reconsider. We will wait patiently.”

You can watch the ONE FOR ISRAEL video (in Hebrew) here.