Responding to Hate With Love

Pink paper daisies, or love everlastings

“I hate all of you Jews.” “I hope you enjoy killing children.” “Death to Israel.” These are just some snippets of some of the messages I receive online.

Usually I don’t reply to these hate messages because I know it won’t help. They are just too sure to be wrong. But one day I got a message that I just couldn’t resist and decided to reply. It was a young Arab guy that asked me if I’m proud to serve in an army of killers that commits war crimes. Now of course I know that it’s false because I’m in the military, which means I know little more than him. Anyway, I decided to reply back to him with this message:

“Hi man, I do not kill children, don’t believe everything you hear. I love Arabs and Muslims – I think that those people are great and have an interesting culture. I love you guys.”

I thought to myself that sure he’ll probably keep on cursing me and calling me a liar, but to my surprise he replied back with love.

He said that he always hears bad things about Jews and Israel, so he was sure that everything he heard is true. To be honest I can’t blame him. I mean, if everyone around you says that Israel is bad, what reason do you have to not hate Israel too?

He was happy thaunnamedt I replied to him with love, which changed his opinion about Israel.

This is a little story, but with a deep conclusion. Arabs are taught that Jews hate them, so they need to hate Jews back. What they don’t know is that many Jewish people actually don’t hate Arabs. We condemn terror attacks, but we don’t condemn all Arabs.

Next time I see another hater I’ll make sure he knows I love him.

This is a small step for peace between Arabs and Jews.