Response to Netanyahu’s statement about absurd criticism of Nation-State Law

Prime Minister Netanyahu speaking at the Knesset before the vote on the Nation-State Law (Photo: screenshot)

The Prime Minister says that the left’s criticism of Nation-State Law is absurd (July 30, 2018 JPost) but what is absurd is that he apparently has not been paying close attention to the “left” globally. The American left is for doing away with borders, ICE and male/female gender identity. They are in favor of voting rights for illegal immigrants, disrespecting the flag, the national anthem, viewing law enforcement with contempt and not defining English as the official language. Europe’s left is not much different. The traditional values, which once made a country great, strong and secure, are being undermined in ways which seek to weaken the basic tenets that unite citizens. The goal is to dismantle what has been held as societal norms and, most importantly, do away with patriotism, cultural pride and biblically moral and religious values. This concerted erosion has been steadily taking place over the course of the last few decades and is purposely designed to create a certain level playing field which has no unique distinction nor takes into account the exceptionalism of certain nations, such as Israel and America. It has been replaced by the newfound sanctity of diversity and multi-culturalism which, in many ways, is the left’s new brand of religion. Anyone following the news would have expected this kind of reaction by Israel’s left-leaning community who don’t seem to understand that not defining ourselves as a unique and special people, will only serve to diminish the very people who were “not to be reckoned with the nations.”