Revealing the Messiah: A Review of Album “Just Like Joseph”

Someone once said that Carolyn Hyde’s latest CD, “Just Like Joseph”, is better than coffee because of the high energy and diversity of the repertoire on the disc. As a coffee connoisseur myself, I would have to agree! The album gets to the heart of the Gospel message in a direct, yet fun and engaging way. Included in the album are original songs sung in Hebrew, English, and even one in Spanish! Not only that, a wide variety of instruments are included, such as harmonica, harp, saxophone, Persian tar, acoustic bass and more. This keeps the context fresh and exciting.

Hyde, a Poriya resident in the North of Israel, is not new to the Messianic music scene. In addition to this new project, she has recorded many acclaimed Messianic releases such as, “Fine Linen”, “The Latter Rain”, “Deep Calls to Deep”, and others. Her music is used in congregations throughout the world. A major highlight in this disc is work from top-notch Messianic musicians from across the Land. “I have had the privilege of working with some of the best musicians in Israel and it’s an honor and a delight,” she says. “ My husband Richard and I have a lot of fun working with Sasha Fishman and Andrey Levin; we also love working in the studio of Alon Tamir, and we are blessed to do final mastering with Eli Ben-Moshe (Marc Chopinsky’s son). It’s always a joy to invite special guests into the studio such as our dear friend Eitan Shishkoff and Yaron Yerhamiel and other immensely talented musicians.” In addition, several family members are featured on the album such as brothers Ariel Hyde on vocals and Avi Hyde on vocals and drums. A real family affair!

The variety of music on the CD is immense. It opens with “Vayahe Or (There Will Be Light)” (based on Genesis 1:3 and Isaiah 9:2), a grooving Latin jazz piece featuring a nice guitar solo by Tony Hooper. The title track, “Just Like Joseph”, tells the story of Joseph and Messiah’s rejection by their brothers and hope for future reconciliation in a high-energy soft rock feel. Eitan Shishkoff accents this one with some beautiful harmonica lines.

“Yeshua”, then, goes through many Messianic prophecies (such as Isaiah 53, Micah 5:2, amongst others), sung and spoken by Ariel Hyde and Marty Shoub, respectively with a powerful ending. After, “I’ll Wait on You” is an uplifting ballad that reminds the listener of God’s Might and Greatness, including a section with a Gospel choir. “In The Loving Arms of the Lord” features Ariel again and reminds the listener that God’s love is immense in a jazzy feel.

After, “Jonah” is an adaptation of Jonah’s prayer from inside the fish (Jon. 2) just in a soothing and reflective way. Andrey Levin’s saxophone solo mellows this track out. “Oseh Shalom (He Who Makes Peace)” picks the tempo up with ukulele and mandolin with a Spirit-filled original rendition of this traditional prayer uttered in synagogues around the world. Then, “Todo Vive”, a Spanish track, continues this upbeat energy with Calypso elements. Ariel Hyde sings “Train My Hands for War” with backup vocals by Avi Hyde and Randy Sigulim, all 3 former IDF soldiers, based on Psalm 144. “You’ll Arise” is an anthem based on the famous passage in II Chronicles 7:14 with a funky feel to it. The album closes with the reflective “Come Trembling from the West”, a song encouraging Aliyah and return to God, His Promises, and His Land. Carolyn says, “We’ve given away over 4000 of my CD’s freely to Israelis and people in the nations who are not yet followers of Yeshua when we share Messiah’s love.” The album leaves the listener longing to return to the Lord and to come to all of His blessings.

The goal of this CD is for the listener to know who the Messiah is, the work He accomplished, and to praise Him alone. Carolyn says, “My prayer for those who hear my CD’s is that the music will usher them into the presence of the King of Kings as they enter into worship.” May it be so and may this CD be used to further the Kingdom of God!

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