Roe v. Wade on abortion

Illustrative of a baby growing in the womb (Photo: Screenshot)

When a nation has lost its bearings

I once gave a clever teaching in a Denver church called ‘The Terrible Parable’ saying that divorce is not a private matter, using a recent event where a divorced lady forest ranger in anger burnt the letters of her ex which then accidentally set ablaze the forest she was paid to protect, a fire that raged across the Rockies consuming hundreds of acres of forest up to Cheeseman Canyon, destroying the ground cover that, the next winter, brought the mud and charcoal down to the famous pristine Trout stream of the South Platte, wiping out the famous fish and fishing for some time after that. Which I took personally.

The same with abortion, where the value of human life is cheapened to the price only of one’s personal momentary pleasure, adding up to multi-millions of lives mercilessly snuffed out in the womb*, and the pleasure-seekers becoming numb to the reality of death, much like those Romans cheering the deaths in the colosseum for entertainment, and life in the city streets of the nation becomes cheap enough to mow it down without a thought, as we are witnessing on a regular, if not daily, basis.

Overturning the infamous decades-old Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion, now in the U.S. Supreme Court, would send over the issue to the states to decide, which seems reasonable, but also complicated. I think that preventing pregnancy through responsible prophylactic means, or stopping fertilization at the very onset is reasonable. Meanwhile:  Adoption v. Abortion.

*Womb in Hebrew is Rekhem, from the word ‘mercy’- the off-limits place of mercy for the yet-to-be-born, the Torah forbidding the shedding of innocent blood.