San Remo Conference – April 19-26, 1920

Delegates to the San Remo conference in Italy, 25 April 1920 (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

These current days marks the last of the centenary celebrations and commemorations from WW1, several of which were and are connected with the reestablishment of a sovereign nation of the Jewish people back in the very land which YHVH God promised with an oath to give as an everlasting inheritance to the physical seed of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob/Israel. 

The fulfillment of this promise has not ever been realized, of course, but the Word of God can not fail. What happened 72 years ago this April 28 (according to its Hebrew dating) with the declaration of the State of Israel is testimony to God keeping His covenant promises to return the Jewish people from wherever He scattered them back to this land, even in their unbelief. He is still working to bring as many as will to repentance and saving faith in The Seed: Yeshua the Nazarene, son of David, son of Abraham, son of Shem, son of Adam, Son of God.  The fig tree is blossoming, but the fruit that the Lord likes is still lacking.  The generation that is alive and seeing these things take place will see the return of the Messiah in great power and glory to judge His enemies, and those of His covenanted people and land, and to establish God’s righteous kingdom on Earth, as it is in Heaven. (Gen. 17:1-8; Ezek. 36; Matt. 24:32-35

The San Remo conference, April 19–26, 1920, of the post-World War I Allied Supreme Council determined the allocation of Class “A” League of Nations mandates for administration of the former Ottoman-ruled lands of the Middle East by the victorious powers. The most notable of these was the British Mandate of Palestine, granting international legal sanction of the Balfour Declaration of Nov. 2, 1917 towards the establishment of the Jewish people in their homeland.  

During these days, the Danish Bible Society has published its new translation of the Bible — its first in 20 years — with many changes or deletions with they believe confuse the Biblical Israel — the “ancient people of God” — with the modern State of Israel.  They claim that they are seeking to reach unbelievers with “God’s Word”.  How can they themselves believe the Bible to be God’s Word if they are changing it?!  They are simply making it read according to their own understanding and unbelief in the truth and faithfulness of YHVH God, the Creator of the heavens and the Earth, and the Redeemer Savior by grace of those who repent from their unbelief and rebellion against Him and His Anointed One, and believe the good news of salvation and the Kingdom of God.  

In today’s news, reported in the Jerusalem Post, this statement came from France and the EU regarding Israel’s possible annexation of land that was ‘won’ in wars against the State since its founding: 

“France threatened to change the nature of its ties with Israel, should the nascent government annex parts of the West Bank, in Ambassador to the UN Nicolas de Rivière’s remarks to the Security Council on Thursday.

De Rivière said that annexation “would constitute a blatant violation of international law, which strictly prohibits the acquisition by force of occupied territories.

“The EU’s position on the status of the territories occupied by Israel in 1967 remains unchanged,” the statement reads. “The EU does not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the occupied West Bank. The EU reiterates that any annexation would constitute a serious violation of international law.”

Who is in violation of international law? God is using His interventions to draw the ire of those fundamentally opposed to Him, and to draw other countless souls to draw their own lines in the sand, and to turn back to, or at least towards, Him. 

Kelvin Crombie has produced a video, marking this significant event of 100 years ago that still reverberates today, which was initially intended for some British parlianmentarians. You can view this on the CMJ-Australia & New Zealand website at the following link:

This article originally appeared on Streams in the Negev, April, 23, 2020, and reposted with permission.