Second All Israel Conference held in Singapore: Building spiritual bridges

The journey began as a vision to build spiritual bridges between the two nations so that Israel and Singapore can be “kindred nations.”

The bond between Israel and Singapore is well documented, most notably being the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) training the Singaporean military after becoming a nation in 1965. In addition to their military collaborations, Singapore and Israel also have strong bonds among their respective universities, hospitals, and many business and trade connections.

However, collaboration among believers in Singapore and Israel still has much room for growth. This is the central purpose of the All Israel Conference which aims to connect Messianic leaders from Israel with the Singaporean Body of Christ.

The first All Israel Conference took place in May 2018, while the second was recently held on Aug. 2-3 at Faith Methodist Church with the same purpose: to build bridges and connect Messianic leaders from Israel with the local Body of Christ in Singapore.

Through presentations and breakout sessions to meet the Israeli team, there were opportunities for Messianic leaders from Israel to connect with individuals from the Singapore Body of Christ. The impact of these sessions will likely have a ripple effect for the ministries in the years ahead. The 2019 conference speakers included:

Impacting the body of Christ in Israel and Singapore

“All Israel netted together Singaporeans to introduce to us. The hospitality from the Singaporeans was superb and the conference was well-organized. We established contact with a few local groups and churches and it looks like I will return to teach in Singapore pretty soon,” said Pastor Meno Kalisher, congregational leader of Jerusalem Assembly.

Pastor Meno Kalisher, Jerusalem Assembly, responding to questions during the group session (Photo: All Israel)

“I’m a worship leader in my church. I shared about ‘Avodah’ and ‘Proskuneo’ to my church as part of our worship on Sunday when introducing a new song. I’m also glad to learn Hebrew songs and also learn about access to Hebrew songs through,” said David Saw, All Israel 2019 delegate and volunteer. The Hebrew words ‘Avodah’ and ‘Proskuneo’ were part of the teaching at the conference by Naeem Barhoum, Israel Firstfruits Center and Jael Kalisher, Yuval Arts.

“I was encouraged by the warm hearts and welcome by the locals. The conference was much needed and I’m thinking how to get young Singaporeans involved in conferences like this in the future,” said Rotem Magen, consultant at Heart of the Family.

Worship Session (Photo: All Israel)

The audio Bibles introduced by MV at the conference received more orders during the conference than the combined orders received since they established their presence on the island-nation 10 years ago.

“I am very impressed by the sharing of audio Bible players – a great way to evangelize!” Lois Nga, conference delegate, said.

Key takeaways

About 200 delegates from across denominations and churches in Singapore and possibly the region attended the different sessions during the two-day conference.

Zev Sigulim, MV audio bibles, sharing with conference participants
(Photo: All Israel)

The chemistry displayed in the Israeli team was exemplary to the Body of Christ in Singapore. Consisting of both Arab Christians and Messianic Jews, they reflected the love of Christ and a family unit bonded through the love of the Messiah.

On asking delegates what their key takeaways were from the conference, Winnie-Joy Chan, conference delegate and volunteer, said: “He (God) has opened doors of opportunity for us gentiles to walk the talk by giving a few years of our lives to serve alongside the Israeli believers and also by giving financially.”

David Saw added: “We should be like MV Bible units: rugged, simple, durable and able to share the Gospel.”  

“My takeaway from the conference is that it underscored the reality of life in Israel as a believer of Jesus. Regardless of whether one is working with children, pastoring, marketplace people or operating a news agency that encompasses togetherness. We need to be more responsible for how we can support the body of Messiah in Israel better,” Gillian Hu, conference delegate and volunteer, said.

Presentation by Anis Barhoum, House of Light
(Photo: All Israel)

Building bridges

Through the conference, All Israel aims to connect people and build relationships. By doing so, the team hopes to introduce people to opportunities to partner and work alongside both Arab Christians and Messianic Jews in Israel. Last year’s conference as well as this year’s is only just the beginning of such a journey for many who came and met the Israeli team.

Naeem Barhoum presenting Israel Firstfruits Center for Economic Advancement to a group of delegates during the meet the Israeli team session (Photo: All Israel)

“A good number of Singaporeans are aware of our church ministry and are now praying for us. Some showed a real desire to partner in our church ministry.” Kalisher said.

“Since my area of expertise is in music education, I am now corresponding with Jael Kalisher (Yuval Arts) about what she is looking for in volunteers and what her school needs.” Gillian Hu said.

Pastor Gilbert Carthigasu, One New Man Asia, praying for Israel
(Photo: All Israel) is an “online expression” of a bridge to connect the Body of Christ in Israel and around the world. “The All Israel Conference is an “offline expression” of the bridge to connect the Body of Christ in Israel and Singapore.

“It is a vision that was impressed on my heart. Though very difficult to execute, I believe the ripple effects from last year’s and this year’s conferences are extending the spiritual bridge in both Israel and Singapore,” said Joseph Magen, founder of and Kehila News Israel (KNI).

If you’d like to host an All Israel conference in your country, get in touch with Joseph Magen.