“A man of excellence will stand before kings” Proverbs 22:29

The Lord in our day is opening doors for believers to serve and work for influential people who don’t know Him. I have spoken with many Israeli believers who feel stirred to be working amongst nonbelievers to have an impact and bring His presence into the world. I am so encouraged as I know believers who have jobs in politics, business and other arenas that for many years have been tough, dark places. But God is doing a wonderful thing in our times, He is raising up many to serve with excellence, power, and love.

Daniel was a man who modeled for us what it is like to serve with excellence, power and love. The leaders he served were some of the most ungodly people who have ever lived. Daniel had genuine love for them and deep relationships with these kings. He modeled well the ministry Paul wrote of in 2 Corinthians 5, the ministry of reconciliation. Daniel excelled at “not counting their trespasses against them.” As we are sent out into the world we must be able to, like Daniel, love people even when they are living ungodly lives.

The first king Daniel served was Nebuchadnezzar, the king that overtook Israel, kidnapped him, made him a eunuch and probably killed his family. That king Daniel loved and served, he was a man of forgiveness and love. He served king Darius in a similar manner. After he had spent a night in the lion’s den Daniel’s first words to Darius were “O King, live forever!” As we are working amongst nonbelievers we need to expect that they will do ungodly things, but we need to be a people of love and forgiveness. Like Yeshua, we need to love people despite how they treat us.

Believers in Israel have and are being positioned by the Lord with love and excellence to serve people who don’t know Him. Our bosses, our leaders will be impacted as they see us seek their benefit, their success, seek to help make their dreams come true.

A dream I believe in the Lord’s heart is that there would be believers all over who demostrate love so well, that we see fruit in our lives as we do in Joseph’s life. In Genesis 50 Joseph’s father Israel has died and he is mourning. We get a picture into Joseph’s history with Pharoah here. He has loved Pharoah so well and they have such a close relationship that the Egyptians mourn for Jacob more than the Israelites do. It says the Israelites mourned for him 40 days, but the Egyptians mourned 70 days. Imagine loving your boss so well that he or she is deeply saddened when you hurt, in fact your boss hurts more than you do. The kind of love that builds that relationship can change the world, can bring people to Yeshua, this kind of love never fails. May the Lord raise up many like Daniel, to walk in love and power.