Shake us in the palm of your hand!

I was praying with friends from the Israel Prayer Network, when these unusual words came out of my mouth. The picture was of a farmer holding wheat during threshing at the time of harvest. We are praying for harvest, and we are asking God for workers to send to the fields. But are we ready for a season of threshing?

From March 1st to April 9th, the body of Messiah in Israel joined together with believers from the nations to fast and pray for a government of righteousness (pray for our leaders and the coming election). The following elections brought two main parties with an almost equal share of the vote: Likud and the Blue and White party. But neither was able to form a coalition; for the first time in history, Israel is holding another set of elections in September. 

In the Bible, the repetition of an event is confirmation: “the doubling of Pharaoh’s dream means that the thing is fixed by God, and God will shortly bring it about” Genesis 41:32. Each of the items of the Tabernacle were mentioned in detail twice in the book of Exodus to underline their importance. Could it be that we are facing an important shift in government and God is emphasizing our role of praying and interceding for our leaders? As the body of Messiah enters the season of harvest, are we ready to be threshed to separate the grain from the chaff? Are we willing to press further into holiness to allow God to work through us and in us?

We have the opportunity to come together to pray once again. Pray for integrity in our leaders. Pray for righteousness. Pray that our leaders would seek God’s wisdom and follow God’s paths. Pray for favour for the Messianic and Christian believers particularly for those wishing to join our nation. 

If you want to pray with other believers, we will be meeting online from 9-9:30pm every day from August 17th. Join when you can, because we value your prayers for our nation. 

We are not praying for a political party or agenda. Praying in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, Amharic and all other languages welcome!

For details on how to join the online prayer, please contact Wendy Halloun