Singaporean pro-Israel Evangelical Christians celebrate Passover

Passover Seder in Singapore sponsored by One New Man Asia

One New Man Asia has been celebrating the Passover for many years now. The last two years though have been different as it was celebrated and co-led together with Messianic Jewish brothers and their families.

This year, the Passover was celebrated on April 15 with the Seder being co-led by Pastor Gilbert Carthigasu, the founder of One New Man Asia, and Joseph Magen and his family. In 2016, Pastor Gilbert co-led it with Ariel Blumenthal from Revive Israel. So it was truly a “one new man” Seder.

This year’s Seder was very well attended. We expected 100 attendees but on the day itself, 120 people turned up for the high-tea Seder. Held at a centrally located facility, 3rd Space, it made it all the more convenient for everyone to attend.

Pastor Gilbert Carthigasu, founder of One New Man Asia
Pastor Gilbert Carthigasu, founder of One New Man Asia

A key highlight of this year’s Seder was the high turnout of young adults. Pastor Gilbert commented: “The purpose of celebrating the feasts is to tell the next generation of God’s faithfulness. So it was a real joy to see so many young people turn up at this year’s Seder because I want  very much to see the next generation of Singaporeans connecting with Israel. My wife and I feel that we are fulfilling the purposes of God in this way.”

He noted that though Singapore has a long standing relationship with Israel politically and economically, there is still a long way to go on the spiritual front. However, he added that many doors have been opened for him to speak to young adults on the topic of Israel, helping them have a better understanding of God’s heart for the Jewish people and His purposes for them as a nation.

As with every year, those who attended this year’s Seder enjoyed themselves and said that they would attend it again with some saying they would invite their friends the next time. Putting the Seder together takes a lot of time and effort but the Pastors Gilbert and Almena, together with their three adult children, enjoy it very much and they feel blessed that they can be part of what God is doing around the world in reconnecting the body of Christ with her biblical roots, her Messianic brothers and sisters and with Israel.

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One New Man Asia is a ministry dedicated to reconnecting the church to her roots in Israel. A teaching and outreach ministry based in Singapore, its founders, Pastors Gilbert and Almena Carthigasu, minister to churches across denominations in Singapore and in Asia. The ministry also conducts outreaches in the region. Celebrating the Feasts of the Lord is one of its key ministry areas to help Christians better understand their biblical roots. One New Man Asia teaches that Gentile followers of Yeshua are not obliged to keep the Lord’s feasts, however, that they have the privilege of celebrating the Feasts as prophetic pictures of Yeshua Ha-mashiach and also as a way to identify with her Jewish brothers.