Smashing idols

Adonai held out His hand to me to come with Him which of course I gladly did. And He brought me to a huge warehouse that had no lights in it. When we entered He said this is the place where the idols are kept. Then He instructed me to pick up one and take it out to the courtyard where the light was. I picked up a small one and set it on its back in the courtyard. Then He gave me what resembled a double baseball bat and I immediately knew to smash that idol into pieces. Aze kef – what fun! As the pieces flew about I noticed a grey whisp of wind rise up but Adonai quickly snatched it up and breathed on it. And it disappeared before my eyes.

Then He led me back into the dark warehouse to get another one, this time a little bigger and I did the same thing in the courtyard, laying it on its back and smashing it to smithereens! Again He caught the whisp of wind that emanated from the smashed idol.

The third time I went in alone and picked up an even bigger one, dragging it into the courtyard. When I picked up the bat to smash it, a hand reached out from the idol, clenching my arm to stop me, so I cried out to Adonai to help me. And Hallelujah – He rescued me! Then I received His invitation to return to this place again and again because there are SO many idols to smash!

Confirmation from a friend:

Dear Carolyn,

The 3rd idol in your dream reminded me to what I experienced soon after I gave my life to Jesus, more than 40 years ago. I had a statue of Mary in my flat; living in a catholic land it was normal, even if my family did not pray to it, just had it as an art object. When I got to know that this is not pleasing the Lord I took it and brought it to the trash container. Art, but just a piece of wood for me. I was very astonished, when this piece of wood reacted somehow … seemed to speak to me that I can’t do this, asking for saving it. It was somehow realistic, a strong flowing-out of it, you could nearly touch this flowing, I remember it so well. But this did not hinder me to continue my way to the container. You in your mission experienced the resistance even physical, I believe every word. I always enjoy to read your experiences with the Lord.

Greetings from Austria!