So you support the Palestinians?

I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. – Genesis 12:3

David Silver recently reported that last week in the USA the United Church of Christ announced officially that they will boycott Israel, thus aligning themselves with the “Palestinians.” In doing so they join a growing list of denominations including the United Methodist and Presbyterian Church USA, who have made the same anti-Semitic decision. This is just a few of them– British Methodist Church, United Church of Canada, South African Council of Churches, Malaysia Council of Churches, Church of Sweden, and the World Council of Churches Central Committee.

As Israeli followers of Messiah here, we all do our best to promote peace with our Arab neighbors, having friendly contact with them almost daily. Some of us take part in groups that meet together with Palestinians to forge friendly ties and understanding. But these churches who wish to punish us all here in Israel, are thoroughly counter-productive. Many of those churches mentioned have in essence denied the Bible in many areas, including the perverting of the marriage covenant to include two people of the same sex, and thus deny the God described in the Bible, and creating a “different Jesus,” as Paul warned of (2 Corinthians 11:4). ‘Lawlessness will increase’ (Matthew 24:12), and that Greek word for lawlessness is anomia, the very same used for the Antichrist (‘the man of lawlessness’- 2 Thessalonians 2), and for those whom Jesus will declare, “get away from me, I never knew you, you workers of lawlessness’ (Matthew 7:23).

To remain seated in a church that takes such a bold and clear stand against Israel as boycotting, is to be an accessory to crime, and to deny the Bible. Their stand is with those who murdered Jewish athletes at the games in Munich for their ’cause’, who pushed an old Jewish man in a wheelchair from a ship at sea, who murdered Israeli children on a school bus, innocent civilians in cafes, hotels, a pizza parlor, clubs, cinemas, the dolphinarium, at bus stops and in their beds and dinner tables at home, and many more atrocities for the ‘Palestinian cause’, while promoting Islamic hatred and terrorism on their television and in their schools in the minds of their children, and declaring in their own Hamas Covenant to never recognize Israel- until it is destroyed. And then they celebrate the “heroic” atrocities by dancing in the streets and handing out sweets. No, this is nothing but ungodly.

Come out of her, my people, that you do not partake of her sins. – Revelation 18:4