Some say Israel is a white nationalist project

Photo: IDF/Flickr

In many Arab and Western media outlets which have displayed a traditionally Leftist bent, the idea that Christian Zionism is an outgrowth of White Nationalism (aka the “Alt-Right) in the US is gaining serious traction.  

While the term “Christian Zionism” describes support for Israel by Christians based on their belief in the literal truth and inerrancy of the Bible, this emerging narrative paints it as a movement almost exclusively populated by White Evangelical Protestants in the US.

According to this narrative, Christian Zionists/White Nationalists support Israel because they like the idea of White People ruling over non-Whites. This narrative totally ignores many things, including the large percentage of Israeli Jews who are not Caucasian and the large percentage of Evangelical Christians who are not Caucasian.

But, as is becoming tragically common in this season of history we’re in, the fact that something is utterly absurd and observably untrue will not stop large numbers of people from uncritically believing it and urging others to believe it if it supports the narrative they’re emotionally invested in.

However, it must be added that there’s also some credibility given to this narrative by some of the movements which have become associated (unfairly) with Christian Zionism, primarily the Ephreamite heresy (aka “British Israel Theory”) and the “Christian Identity” movement which really IS an offshoot of White Nationalism. On a superficial level the teachings of these movements sounds similar to what Christian Zionism teaches, so if a person WANTED to see the “intersectionality” between these two movements and didn’t want to be confused by countervailing facts, they’d easily be able to find what they’re looking for.

Israel has also done some damage to its own reputation in this regard by, among other things, showing a lack of enthusiasm for bringing Ethiopian Jews to Israel and integrating them into society.

So, what is to be done?

I am requesting, from this humble blog of mine, that Christian Zionists who are from countries and communities that are not necessarily Evangelical, White, Male, American or European make an effort to tell the story of why they support Israel. I am especially asking our brothers and sisters from Arab and African countries to speak up. Write letters to the editor of newspapers and submit essays to blogs that are open to the public. Make videos in which you tell your stories and post them to social media. Contact traditional media outlets and request a platform to tell your story. Some will refuse or ignore your request, but some will accept it. In either case, it will let these media outlets know you exist and that you are not willing to be ignored any longer.

This narrative that Christian Zionism is equivalent to White Nationalism is a lie that can and must be refuted. It will take some work and some courage, but my hope is that there are men and women of God in the Nations who are prepared to do what must be done.

Are you one of them?