Some Thoughts on Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism, a hatred of Jews, is an ancient evil which has plagued the human race since the dawn of recorded history, and probably even before then. In the wake of the Second World War and the shocking pictures and movies seen by millions around the world of the horrors discovered by allied soldiers who liberated Nazi concentration camps in Europe, anti-Semitism became very unfashionable in the Western world and even officially illegal in many places. But it never really went away, and in the last few years, it has come roaring back, becoming VERY popular, both on what we used to call the “lunatic fringe” of both the far-Left and the far-Right and also in more “mainstream” areas of politics, the media, university campuses and many other places.

So where is this coming from, and what can be done about it?

I think the first question has an answer which is both very obvious and also very difficult for many people to comprehend, because it’s spiritual, not natural.

Lucifer the Devil is the author and the founder of anti-Semitism. It is him and his demonic host who are inspiring this most recent outburst of anti-Semitism, as well as many other harmful ideas and ideologies. Lucifer and his demons hate all humanity but they hate the Jewish people more than most because they know that it’s through the Jewish Messiah that all the rest of Humanity will be redeemed and saved. 

On this subject, I have noted that many who call themselves “atheists” are often at least very open to anti-Semitism, if not already holders of anti-Semitic attitudes. This is because Jewish people are a living, breathing, tangible reminder of the Bible and the God that it describes, which self-identified “atheists” are so determined to deny the existence of. It must be very irritating to have proof of something one wants so badly to deny right in front of ones face.

On a related point, I have heard anecdotal reports from many people around the world that they know people who have never been anti-Semitic in their lives but are all of a sudden becoming very outspoken about their antipathy towards Jews in general and the State of Israel in particular. It has just “come out of nowhere” according to these reports I’m seeing.

With all that in mind, it’s important to remember that the only tool/weapon the Enemy has is deception. But there’s so many different ways he can use lies and deception. One way he’s used lies to deceive and manipulate many Christians into anti-Semitism is by using and spreading the lie of Replacement Theology. This subject is one that will probably be very familiar to most KNI readers, so I won’t say much about it except that it’s a major problem which we all need to pray into and work against.

Other lies the Enemy inspires and spreads among unsuspecting human beings, especially young people in Western countries, is that Israel is a “colonial project” and/or an “apartheid regime” and so on. Alarmingly, many Jewish people around the world who are citizens of the country they live in and might never have visited or otherwise have any overt connection to Israel are attacked nonetheless by Israel’s many detractors. Thus being “anti-Israel” is often merely a flimsy disguise for what is actually anti-Semitism.

There are many other examples and manifestations of anti-Semitism which can be observed to be on the rise all over the world.

What can ordinary people like me and you do about this?

First, we must recognize that it IS, first and foremost, a spiritual issue and it must be dealt with using spiritual weapons, meaning prayer and fasting. Make praying against anti-Semitism and its many manifestations a part of your regular prayer life and encourage others to do the same. 

There is also much that we can do in the natural.

Speak out, in whatever forums God gives you access to, against anti-Semitism. We can all present the Biblical alternative, which means we have to get familiar with what the Bible says about this subject (Romans 9-11 is a good place to START but it’s not the only place to receive sound doctrine on this subject.)

May God give us all the wisdom, clarity of thought, courage and grace to push back against anti-Semitism in our families, our churches, our schools, our governments, our cultural institutions and in our societies.