Some Thoughts on Strong Delusions


II Thessalonians chapter 2 includes a strong warning to Believers that we need to be vigilant against falling for false prophecies and other forms of deceit. It also gives a strong warning that it is possible for Believers who do not guard their minds against these deceptions will actually get to a point where God stops trying to warn them against embracing the lies of the Enemy but will actually PUSH them to accept them, as it says in verses 11 and 12; “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

As is sadly not a rare occurrence, most of the messages I’ve heard preached on this verse are taken completely out of context to be used as a warning to people that a time will come when God stops trying to convince an unbelieving world of the truth of His Gospel but will instead allow unbelievers to get more and more confused. This interpretation of the verse completely ignores the preceding verses which make it very clear that this is a warning to Believers that they are not to allow themselves to get distracted by the lies and deceit of the Enemy who will be working hard to distract and misdirect us as the time for Jesus’ Second Advent draws near.

The lies and deceptions of the Enemy spoken of in this prophecy concern “false messiahs” and other lies and deceptions that can include all kinds of things that we can, if we’re not careful, start to identify with that is not of the Lord.

With that in mind, I’d like to talk for a moment about a topic which is coming up more and more frequently in my conversations with Believers, particularly in the Hebrew Roots/Christian Zionist community.

I’m talking about so-called “conspiracy theories.”

Bill Gates. GMO foods. Vaccines (all kinds, not just COVID-19 vaccines). Artificial intelligence and robotics.

These, along with climate change and the solutions being pushed by some groups to address it, are some of the topics that so many of us seem to be obsessed with these days. 

Now, to get it said, there are probably some very real concerns with these things. I believe God designed His world just the way it needs to be, down to the molecular level and even beyond, and it’s very foolish of human beings to think they can tinker with the genetic building blocks of life and thereby improve on God’s design. Scientists and doctors have, in general, become very arrogant and self-important and have been encouraged to regard themselves as god-like figures who have the power and authority to tell the rest of us how it is, in every area of life. This has led to corruption, and the consequences of this can be as horrible as they are surreal.

However, there are 365 passages in the Bible which tell us we are not to fear such things, because we serve a God who has everything under control. 

But a lot of Believers seem to be having a very difficult time heeding these passages, and fear has become a dominant theme in much of the discourse between Believers all over the world. It has gotten so bad that fear of these things has become, for some, a litmus test to determine if a person has “discernment” or not. 

In other words, if someone doesn’t feel like Bill Gates poses any kind of serious problem, than that person must not be hearing from God. Or maybe they just don’t have enough faith for God to be able to trust them with His secrets. Thus, truly discerning Believers should at best pity such an individual and at worse shun them and warn others against taking anything they say seriously.

Brothers and sisters, I think the time has come to do a little self-examination to determine if we’re allowing the fear that we have of what the Enemy is doing in this world make us forget the truth and reassurance that our God has given us. In other words, it’s time to ask ourselves, before it’s too late (it probably already IS too late for some) if we have not talked ourselves into any of the “strong delusions” that II Thessalonians 2:11-12 are warning us about.

For example, have you or someone you know started questioning the salvation of people who aren’t impressed by that youtube video going around which says that vaccines which “they” say are meant to protect us from diseases are actually poisoning us and are, in fact, a crude form of population control?

If so, than it might be time to consider the possibility that you or that person you know has allowed themselves to be drawn under the influence of a “strong delusion” and need to fast, pray and otherwise URGENTLY seek deliverance.

The good news (which is also the bad news) is that most of these conspiracy theories that are spreading like wildfire through our Believer communities are not even clever. They are, in fact,  really, really crude, infantile and silly. I shudder to think what will happen when Lucifer gets serious and brings out the REALLY strong End Time deceptions that the Bible warns us about.

In any event, I urge you, brothers and sisters, to read II Thessalonians chapter 2 and pray into the warning it gives, that you and those in your circle may be on their guard against allowing whatever fear and anxiety they might be feeling in this unstable season of history we’re passing through to lead them into a “strong delusion” from which the passage appears to be saying there won’t be any hope for recovery from.