Some thoughts on The Elijah Summit on Mount Carmel

I believe this conference ushered in the next stage of Israel’s history, serving to fulfill the release of Heaven to earth, so that the earth can then respond to the grain, to the new wine, and to the oil, and they will respond to Jezreel.

During the meetings we witnessed a launching and release of prophetic wisdom, refreshing discernment and true giftings.

I noticed that there were varying reactions from the Israelis who were present – some chose to jump into the river of oil head first, while others managed to get their feet wet; and others stood still in awe and watched the deliverance of יהוה [the LORD].

The freedom to move in one’s giftings was evident to most. So now we pray that leaders throughout the Land will have the discernment to know how to remove the 1 Kings 18:40 false prophets of Baal while allowing the 1 Kings 22 Micaiah’s to propagate and flourish.

For the locals – our children and grandchildren and yours are already a fulfillment of Joel 2:28 and Ezekiel 36:24-28 just by living in the Land, but an Ezekiel 37:9-10 breath was released on us at this conference. For life to continue, breath doesn’t stop after the first one, but continues to be expired and then inspired in a healthy rhythm.

So even as the air quantity on earth will be diminished in the coming days, as I heard in this dream, the breath from Heaven will saturate the lifeblood in our bodies, propelling us into John 14:12 works, the Acts 2:4 ability to speak out, 1 Kings 18:36 transportation, Matthew 10:8 lifestyle and Daniel 9:22 insight with understanding.

In summary, the conference was revelatory, honoring, precedent-setting, historic and essential as we enter into the Isaiah 9:2 light in the darkness, Daniel 11:32 mighty exploits, Zechariah 3:7 access to govern, and hear the Revelations that the Spirit is saying to the Kehilot.