Some Thoughts on the Lord’s Mysterious Ways

The Palmach aids in aliyah (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

There’s an old saying that “The Lord works in mysterious ways” and although it is most likely derived from an 18th century hymn written by British poet William Cowper and not the Scriptures, there are many passages of Scripture and historical occurrences which certainly indicate that there’s some truth to it.

The Lord certainly DOES move in ways that are at times difficult for humans to understand, or even keep track of. Sometimes the “mysterious ways” that the Lord moves to advance His plans and purposes in this world bring tremendous suffering and hardship in their wake.

We have just observed the Passover feast, which commemorates the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt. As everyone knows, this event was accompanied by 10 plagues which took many lives and utterly destroyed Egypt’s economy. This is an example of the Lord working in mysterious (and also sometimes very painful) ways.

But it wasn’t the last time the Lord used catastrophic circumstances here in the natural world to advance His supernatural plans and purposes.

Years ago I wrote two blogs about events which took place during WWI. The first blog was about the first day of the war when an incident at sea bent the arc of history and set up events which would eventually lead directly to the establishment of the modern State of Israel. A few weeks later I wrote another one about the Zion Mule Corps, a logistics unit within the British Army which fought in the Battle of Gallipoli as the first distinctly Jewish military unit in almost 2,000 years, which laid the foundation for what would later become the IDF.

Both of these blogs speak to the “mysterious ways” the Lord sometimes works in human history, and this phenomenon can be observed continuously throughout history.

For instance, there is at this very moment in history a large and growing number of Jewish people making aliyah (immigrating) to Israel, mostly from Ukraine and Russia. The obvious proximate cause of this wave of Aliyah is the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which is trashing Ukraine and indirectly causing severe economic, social and demographic damage to Russia and many other Eastern European countries which (not coincidently) have large numbers of Jewish people living in them.

Meanwhile, the rise in popularity of Marie Le Pen in France and similar political movements in many other Western European countries is causing alarm among the approximately 1.3 million Jews who live there and prompting many of them to consider aliyah to Israel.

When God is on the move in human history, it is wise for those who follow Him to get behind what He’s doing however we can. Some of the ways of the Lord are mysterious, but the plans and purposes He’s working on in this season of history are apparent to those who are paying attention. I urge you therefore, brothers and sisters, to get involved in supporting the Believers in Israel who are working to help with aliyah. Almost all of the Christian ministries who are present here in the Land of Israel have some kind of connection to this work. Pray and ask God to lead you to what He wants you to get involved with.

That’s what I’ve got for you this week brothers and sisters. I hope it blessed someone.