Something wrong?

If something isn’t right it’s wrong. – Bob Dylan

Somewhere out in the vast universe, among the hundreds of billions of gigantic galaxies of the creation spins the Milky Way galaxy, also with its billions of stars spread a hundred thousand light years across. Among those giant flaming stars lies an average one called the Sun, around which spins an infinitely tiny planet called Earth. On this lonely blue speck of a jewel Life exhibits its magnificent array of beauty, including bluebirds, trout, rhinos and elk. Among the sweet rivers and salty seas and green forests and lakes dwells the most exquisite of creatures called homo sapiens- the Human- formed amazingly in pairs of male and female. This capstone of all creation has a brain that may be considered the most complex organ in the universe, capable of majestic feats, including examining itself and the universe. There they live on what may rightly be called the Garden of Eden. Only God knows if there is another.

But the Human, with all its great giftings for cleverness, has made enough stupid choices to turn the Garden of Eden into a Hell (only God knows if there is another). With all the abundance of fertile lands and crystal waters, the Man has taken great pride in creating tools to mutilate, burn, pollute and pervert its own kind and habitat, converting the splendid fields of fertility into fields of ongoing fear and war. He cannot seem to help himself from this inclination. Millions lay scattered and starving in the midst of abundance, driven by madness and unending conflicts of cruelty. And even the well-fed and well-off of any race cannot seem to quite get along with each other, whether husband and wife or their children. It is a sad state of affairs.

But one came along in the history of humankind to provide an example of a much better way, of love rather than hate, of forgiveness rather than revenge, but his pleading message is much spoken against, left as an impossible dream to be mocked and scoffed and discarded by many of those bright Humans in their self-propelled march toward destruction. There is hardly a Human that has not heard of that message in their own language, the messenger being called Isa, Yeshua, Yesous, Jesu, or Jesus. It is a simple message to make things right, easily grasped by a child.

The tiny blessed planet rotates along in blind dismay, each day creating more news of outrage and brutally savage acts of stupidity. Yet that still small voice continues to call out through the generations of Humankind, beckoning those lost in a nightmarish pipe dream to return to the Garden of Eden before it is scorched barren, even having paid himself the ticket for our return voyage. It would seem that only the Spirit of Stupid would prevent Humankind from taking that freely offered ticket back home. But something on that lovely planet is not quite right, and may even be called wrong.