Strengthening the family through sound finances

With a vision to strengthen families in the Body of Messiah, E.L.Y. Israel offers believers sounds financial advice to improving their economic situation, gain financial independence and live a more abundant life.

“The idea is to give direction and guidance on how to manage our personal finances,” Naamah Smith of E.L.Y. Israel Families, told Kehila News Israel. “For example if they have credit card debt or if they can find a way to pay less for certain things. This is what we do — try to educate the families, and we also add a spiritual touch.” 

Israel has a relatively high cost of living and lower wages compared to other similarly ranked countries. Many Israelis live paycheck to paycheck and with some sort of debt ranging from loans or mortgages to credit card payments. And apartment rentals can be as high as 50 percent of a single salary. 

With all of this financial pressure, E.L.Y. provides practical advice for people on how to save money and cut expenditures. Some of their practical advice includes how to get the most out of your rights as a citizen; tips on saving money, lowering expenditures and getting out of bankruptcy; how to use the application, RiseUp, to take charge of one’s spending; and how to overcome emotions and traumas that influence bad financial management.

“Many people come through a crisis and their emotional status influences their economic status,” Smith explained.

E.L.Y. Israel also helps people navigate their emotions in the spending arena. Smith said it is valuable for people to understand the root of a spending problem both through prayer and also with practical steps that can make a real and meaningful change in their lives.

“We bring awareness to believers of the economic situation of the family or the person, to give tools to make a change in their lives and be responsible,” she said. “In many families in Israel in general there is a need for better economic situation. Our point all the time is that strong and healthy families and person to build a strong community.” 

In fact, E.L.Y. wants to see believers be the “head and not the tail” when it comes to finances. 

“There are situations in the congregations where even the pastors have debt and it’s not healthy to be in debt,” Smith said. “They say, ‘We need help us, help us.’ But they’re not changing their ways. So we are calling for a change.”

E.L.Y. is hoping to see transformation for believing families to becoming strong and healthy — spiritually, emotionally and financially.

“If we become strong financially as a family or an individual, so we are not in need all the time, we can actually be givers and be a blessing,” she said. “For many years the congregations here have been supported by ministries from abroad, but we can change that — we can be a blessing to other countries.”

E.L.Y.  invites those who want help or advice in dealing with their financial situation to turn to them for help. For more information: