Sukkot – The Feast of Tabernacles

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Leviticus 23:33-36  Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, speak to the children of Israel, saying: the fifteenth day of the seventh month shall be the Feast of  Tabernacles for seven days to the Lord. On the first day there shall be a holy convocation. You shall do no customary work on it. For seven days you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord. On the eighth day you shall have a holy convocation, and you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord. It is a sacred assembly, and you shall do no customary work on it.

The final Feast or Appointed Time of the LORD, Sukkot or the Feast of Tabernacles began this past Friday at sunset. This festival lasts for 7 nights / days and is followed by a special Sabbath on the 8th night / day. The Hebrew word Sukkah (plural Sukkot) refers to a tent or a temporary flimsy dwelling. The purpose of the Sukkot festival or appointed time is to remind us of the time that the LORD dwelt among the Israelites during their time in the desert. He gave Moses the design details for the Tent of Meeting and the Holy of Holies, and when it was ready the LORD came down in the form of His Holy Spirit and ‘tabernacled’ with His people. I am very much motivated by the famous painting of the Pillar of Fire above the Tabernacle in the desert, and all of the tents of the 12 Tribes of Israel are set up all around it. GOD was visibly in the midst of His people.

Every one of the 7 Feasts or Appointed Times of the LORD also has a prophetic purpose – to show us the future, and where we are in GOD’s plan to re-establish His Kingdom on the Earth – in Jerusalem. Sukkot is a prophetic picture of the Millenium, the 7th thousand year period when Yeshua will reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords, in a rebuilt Temple on the Temple Mount in the heart of Jerusalem, on the very spot where the Al Aksa mosque has occupied since 690 AD. From events we are seeing taking place all around the world, – the civil violence in Hong Kong, Iraq and Lebanon, the deteriorating state of morality, the Western world returning to its ancient paganism, Brexit in the UK, the political turmoil in Israel, the UK, the USA and other places, the weather – are all indicators that the end of this increasingly evil age is coming to an end, and the ultimate fullfilment of Sukkot is very near. Maranatha Yeshua!

As I have shared above and many times in the past, the Feasts of the LORD portray His plan for world redemption, and the restoration of His Kingdom on the Earth. Even though Simcha Torah is not a Biblical Feast of YHVH, it does have an amazing prophetic relevance for the future. Just as the scrolls are rolled back to the beginning and the reading cycle starts again, at the end of the Millenium, GOD will roll up the present Heavens and Earth, (finish it) and He will start again with a new and incorruptible Heavens and Earth. The Redemption plan of the LORD will be complete – Hallelu YAH.

Now that we understand the relevance of these last Festivals, let us commemorate and rejoice over Sukkot with the Jewish people, and let us pray that multitudes will have a revelation of what these wonderful Appointed Times of the YHVH, the God of Israel really represent.

This article originally appeared on Out of Zion Ministries and is reposted with permission.