SURVEY: Speaking Out Against Terrorism – The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Yeshua (PART 2)

Should Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian leaders living in Israel speak out publicly against terrorism and religious extremism? Kehila News Israel (KNI) recently conducted a survey to find out. This is the second article in our four-part series on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in which we compare and analyze the survey responses of Messianic Jewish leaders and Arab Christian Leaders.

Below is the infographic with the survey questions and the results.


It’s very interesting that the answers were statistically identical for the first two questions for both groups. The overwhelming majority of 86% to 89% of locals leaders feel that Arab/Palestinian Christians should speak out publicly against religious extremism and terrorism from the Arab side. In a similar fashion, the same percentage, 86% to 89%, feel that Israeli Messianic Jews should speak out publicly against religious extremism and/or terrorism from the Jewish side. But do they? In both cases, the reality is that speaking out publicly against terrorism and religious extremism happens very seldom. There appears to be a disconnect between what actions should be done by the Messianic/Christian community in Israel and what is actually done.

One of the goals of KNI is to be a central platform to give a voice to all members of our community, Jews and Arabs, making it a natural forum to speak out publicly against the evils of terrorism and religious extremism. Possibly not having a community-wide online media platform is one of the explanations why there is a huge disconnect between the high percentage of leaders who responded “Yes” versus the low percentage that actually do speak out publicly.

It’s important to note that the amount of terrorist attacks from the Arab side versus the Jewish side is very different. Here are the statistics reported by The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the six and a half month period – September 13, 2015 until March 27th, 2016:


Regarding Jewish terrorism, the Israeli Security Agency, also known as the Shabak, has published monthly summaries from the past 6 months on Jewish terrorism. (Note: the arson attack of a Palestinian family home in the village of Duma, in which 3 people were killed, occurred in July 2015.)


These numbers are the reality of the level of recent terrorist attacks in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Despite the vast difference in the amount of attacks perpetrated by Arabs versus Jews, the important question is will the Body of Messiah in Israel living in the midst of this reality be silent, or will we speak out? Will both the Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian communities speak out publicly against terrorism and religious extremism, just as the overwhelming majority of spiritual leaders in the Land responded in the survey that we should? We hope that Kehila News Israel (KNI) will serve as a community platform, comprised of many voices, to take a stand and speak out against the forces of evil that unfortunately we have all become too much accustomed to. We also hope that KNI will serve as source of truth for our brothers and sisters in faith around the world who stand with us in prayer to know when and how to speak out effectively.

NOTE: Survey results were calculated from 37 Messianic Jewish leaders (approx. 20% of the total) and 19 Arab Christian Leaders in Israel (approx. 20% of the total) who responded to the survey in March 2016.

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