Taglit HaMaayan – visiting Israel and studying the Bible on site

Teaching our first Taglit group, while touring the village of Magdala in the north of Israel

If you are planning, however, to visit Israel this coming year, here is something for you to consider. “Taglit HaMaayan” (Meaning: Discovery through HaMaayan congregation) is a new program, launched by my local congregation. We are a team of four, which includes my pastor and a tour guide. We are offering a special format that enables tourists to visit the land and study the Bible on site from great Messianic teachers.

Our next Taglit Hamaayan will start on May 25th, and will enable you to spend 9 days touring, training and celebrating God’s purposes and promises. You will also be joining my local congregation celebrating the Feast of Shavout (Pentecost). Come and discover Israel in a new and refreshing way!

For more information about this opportunity contact Sally at sallyhamaayan@gmail.com