Take off Pride; Put on Humility

As I was reflecting and praying about my blog series on taking off the masks in our lives, I understood that it is important to also exhort us in what we are to put on. I do not mean “putting on” another mask, but rather to experience an authentic transformation in our lives.

In my most recent blog entry, Take Off the Mask of Pride (Part 3), I wrote: Confronting pride in our lives can be painful, so most of us simply ignore it; either we are too prideful to admit that we have it, or we are too afraid that it may require us to change (or give up) something in our lives.

 While confronting pride in our lives will be painful and will require us to change, the byproduct will be a newfound freedom in the Lord!

As I wrote that, “…our pride prevents us from seeing our real selves. Our pride prevents us from seeing the sin in our lives. Our pride makes us think that we are better than others. Our pride causes us to put on a mask because we are afraid of what others may think about us because they will see the true us.” We are afraid of what people may think about us; we are afraid that people will look down at us… but the truth is that, in the end, our pride is the one thing that will humiliate us. The Scriptures are clear about this:

“A man’s pride will humiliate him, but a low spirit (humble) will obtain honor.” Proverbs 29:23

In God’s Kingdom, things work differently than in the world. He looks at things differently than we do, and therefore, we need to adapt to His principles accordingly.

The mask of pride will end up bringing us to a place of humiliation, and that will happen when the mask will be exposed. However, when we humble ourselves – or a better way to translate it from the Hebrew – when we have a “low spirit”, we will end up obtaining honor.

My dear brothers and sisters, when we choose to obey God and His principles, then we have nothing to hide from and there will always be freedom for us. Pride will block us from fully experiencing that which God has for us.

I ended my last blog entry with a quote from Proverbs 11:2 that most English translations write as, “When pride comes, then comes dishonor, but with the humble is wisdom.”

A deeper look into the Hebrew shows us something else: “When malice (mischief or deliberate sin) comes, so comes dishonor (shame or disgrace) yet with the humble is wisdom”. In other words, a person who has a humbled heart will be wise to understand that if he allows pride to take over, it will bring malice, which will end in disgrace.

Let us honor God by letting go of the mask of pride in our lives and in its place, welcoming a humble spirit. Humility brings freedom for those in the Lord!

This article originally appeared on Hope for Israel, August 31, 2016, and reposted with permission.