Taking down Goliath

The battle rages and we continue to proclaim the victory of Yeshua. His death and resurrection was not just an historic event that happened two thousand years ago but the same power that raised Yeshua from the dead is still alive and active. Today, God is calling us to step out in faith which unlocks the door and releases the power of the Holy Spirit in us. Like Moses, we lift up our hands and God responds. For those of you who are in the midst of a fierce battle, we declare that the time is now to move out. God will accompany you!

Consider the life of David. When he was still a young boy, his father asked him to bring food to his brothers who were battling the Philistines. When he arrived he was stunned to see that all of Israel’s army was paralyzed in fear of their adversary, Goliath.

This sad reality was so disturbing to him that he declared that he would fight Goliath himself. Saul tried to dress him in his battle clothes but David threw them off. He could only be himself and do what he had always done in fighting the bear and the lion. He stepped out carrying only his slingshot and some stones.

God honored this step of faith as David declared boldly that the God of Israel was supreme and unbeatable. The stone hit its mark, Goliath fell, David cut off his head and all of Israel was transformed in that moment. From a cowering army filled with fear, doubt and insecurity, they rose up, fighting the Philistines in the power of God. At the end of the day, the valley was filled with the bodies of their enemies.

All honor and glory belongs to the Lord and yet God has determined that he wants to share the victory with us. Without David moving courageously, there would have been devastating defeat. David had to throw the stone first, but in response, God turned his small stone into a deadly weapon that hit its mark perfectly. God used David’s boldness to transform and empower the army and impact the history of an entire nation.

You are no different! The scripture declares that you are greater than all those who lived and served God before John the Baptist. The same Spirit that raised Yeshua from the dead lives in you. It is no longer you who live but it is Messiah that lives within you. The life you live you live by faith in the son of God. Today, I encourage you to be a David in your battle. Step out in faith. Set your eyes on God. Exercise His power and enjoy the victory of His life within you. The giant that is standing against you must and will fall. In Him we are more than conquerors.

Truly I say to you, among those born of women there has not risen one greater than John the Baptist. Yet the least in the kingdom of the heavens is greater than he! – Mathew 11:11

We live in this reality every day. The battle that is raging around us is mighty on many fronts. There is every “natural” reason for fear to raise its ugly head. But we have chosen not to look to the way of this world but to trust in God. His way is our way and His victory is our victory. We step out in faith and the wonder of God surrounds our life.

We are committed to stepping out in faith also in sharing Yeshua with those we meet.

Earlier in the week, we were with one of the younger couples that are serving as pastors in our congregation. We were in a coffee house in a local mall. We had a friendly young waiter who was going into the army in a few months. I entered into a conversation with him. I began to speak of God and how I had made a radical turn from hippie to believer and I shared all that God had done in my life since then. As it turned out, he had been friends with a boy from school who was a believer and so he had heard about Yeshua. What a blessing! He was very grateful to have us lay hands on him and pray for him as he enters the army. The word of the Lord was sown and we watered what his high school friend started, trusting God to bring the increase.

Several days ago, we were in a restaurant with some friends and again, we shared the life of God with our young waiter. Each time he came to our table, we spoke with him of God’s love that was there for him in Messiah Yeshua. At the end of the evening, I handed him a New Testament in Hebrew. Much to our surprise, he refused to take it. At that moment, we could see the intensity of the battle for our people. Though we did not see the victory we would have liked, eternal seeds were planted and we declared that the word of God never goes forth void. We will continue to pray for him.

God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He never changes. Like David, we step out in obedience to Him and in faith He gives us all we need. He will transform sickness into health, defeat into victory and lack into plenty and all Israel will be saved! Let us rise up and go forth in his power and see his Kingdom advance mightily in this day.

This article originally appeared in Zion’s Glory Update, September 15, 2017, and reposted with permission.